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What are the precautions for tri-fold brochure printing?

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Three-fold brochures are a common type in brochure design. The two-way folds, brochures, are often misnamed "three-fold", by folding an 8 1/2×11 sheet of paper twice, each Create 3 slab composition on the side. This is most commonly used by small businesses because it can mail a brochure type in a standard No. 10 envelope. Due to the more frequently used two-fold brochures, you may be less familiar with the size of the three-fold brochures. Below are tips from professional Chinese printers about tri-fold printing.


First of all, the size of the three-fold page can be large or small. The larger one is generally: 417*280 (A3). The folded size: (140*140*137mm) The last fold is a little smaller, so as not to deflect and arch when folding. rise. The small size is: 297*210(A4) The folded size: (100*100*97mm).


Three-fold product brochures generally use 157g and 200g papers. Of course, 80g, 105g, 128g papers can also be used. The paper materials are generally coated paper, matte paper, and matte paper and double offset paper.


You can directly open a 297*210 page in PHOTOSHOP, edit and typeset inside, and the two folds in front of the three folds are each 100mm and the last fold is 97mm (100+100+97=297). It is best not to divide into three equal parts, otherwise it will arch up after bending. Suggestion: Use illustrator or corelDRAW for typesetting, plus photoshop to process images. This is simple and smooth to operate. Because there must be a lot of text on the folding page. And it is very inconvenient to use photoshop to process text.


The design is always connected to the design. Make the blood level with an extra 3MM in each of the four weeks. When the three-fold page is connected from left to right, the second fold, which is the middle fold, is the back cover, and the third fold, which is the right fold, is the cover. The one fold on the far left generally prints the company profile. The three folds on the reverse side all print the product content. The resolution is 300dpi. The text is arranged in illustrator or corelDRAW, and the picture can be processed in PS.


Feel free to contact us to learn more about the precautions for tri-fold printing. We can provide you with the best China printing service, as well as a variety of custom printing service China.

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