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What are the most difficult colors to print in a China printing company?

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What are the most difficult colors to print by printers in China? Book printing embellishes our lives and adds brilliant colors to our lives. So what are the characteristics of qualified book printing? Book printing companies have a wide range of popularization, and there are many problems that need to be paid attention to. Then, what kind of color is difficult to print, and what elements should be paid attention to when designing.


The first is gray balance. According to the experience of theory and production practice, the most difficult color to control in book printing is gray balance. Gray balance is that under a certain printability, the three primary color versions of yellow, magenta and cyan are combined from light to dark according to a certain dot ratio to obtain achromatic colors (white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black) with different brightness, that is There are many factors that affect the color of visually neutral gray. The amount of ink used in printing, paper, full plate density, dot area, overprinting and the number of screen lines will have inextricable effects on the gray balance. It is the most test of the overprinting accuracy of the machine and the skill level of the operator. The second is the superposition of several color dots, especially more than 70% dots. Specifically, dark brown, brown, dark green (flat screen, containing blue 70), dark blue, violet blue, etc. are difficult to print because of the color difference, so it is difficult to find a balance on the printing machine. 

Again, the more difficult thing to print is the four-color stack of missing characters. Too many multi-color extremely thin lines and extremely small characters are difficult to print, and the requirements for the machine are extremely high. This is also a relatively common problem, so the printers in China must check whether the black text in the publication file, especially the small text, is only on the black version, and should not appear on other three-color versions. If it does, the quality of the printed product will be greatly reduced. When the RGB graphics are converted to CMYK graphics, the black text will definitely become four-color black. It must be handled unless specifically specified. In the final bookprinting, that are generally full-page, spot-color full-page or large area, reverse white characters, the same logo, and the same color block, are generally difficult to follow the color, and are prone to color difference, ghosting, smudges, scratches Phenomenon.

High quality book printing must meet: 1. Accurate overprinting; 2. Uniform ink color; 3. Full dots; 4. Ink balance; , Strictly faithful to the original. We must pursue high-quality book printing to suit people's increasing aesthetics.

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