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What are the factors that affect the price of printed matter?

Time: 2021-03-11 Hits: 69

Guangzhou Tenglong Printing Co Ltd provides high-quality paper printing services, including catalogue printing, hardcover book printing, leaflet printing, envelope printing and so on.


DSC_0008With the need for brand promotion, both individuals and companies need to print some promotional materials, so many printing factories compete at low prices. Next, Guangzhou Printing Factory Tenglong Printing will explain to you the factors that affect the price of printed products:


1. Printing equipment: determine the grade of the product. The reason why there are very low-priced products is that many manufacturers have chosen domestic printing machines and "filling" consumable inks.


2. Paper material: different brands of paper will have different printing effects, which will result in different prices.


3. Imposition printing: In order to save costs, some printers concentrate the products of many customers in one printing plate. In this case, the printed matter will appear color cast and defective products.


4. Print size: The size and thickness of the printed product directly affect its appearance, production process and production methods, thereby affecting the price of the printed product.


If you want to print a beautiful print, you need a lot of technical craftsmanship and materials, and you also need professionals to track production to ensure quality. Guangzhou Tenglong Printing Factory has established a complete set of scientific and efficient management mechanism, which has improved the production process, shortened the processing cycle, and improved the ability of product quality assurance. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. We will continue to work hard to provide consumers with cost-effective printed materials!

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