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What are the factors printing products?

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In this era of rapid social development, people are increasingly demanding the effects of printing products. I don’t know how much you know about the factors printing products? Today, China printing company will explain to you the factors printing products.


What are the factors printing products?

In order to be more in line with people's pursuit of beauty, the gloss of printing products should be high, because it looks bright in color and looks more beautiful. The factors the gloss of printing products are: paper, ink, printing pressure, and the processing of printing products after printing. First, the higher the smoothness of the paper surface, the stronger the ink absorption and the higher the PH value, the better the gloss of the printing products.


Letterpress, gravure, offset and stencil printing are the four major types of printing methods currently in use. The print of relief printing is higher than that of non-printing; the print of gravure printing is recessed on the layout; in offset printing, the print has no protrusions or depressions; stencil printing, the ink passes through the hole. Different printing methods will also have an impact on the effect of printing products.


Printing pressure has a great influence on the ink color of the printed product. The unevenness of the ink color on the printing plate is mainly due to insufficient or uneven printing pressure.


In addition, the difference in cleanliness on the paper, changes in light, the thickness and viscosity of the printing ink layer, and the quality of the rubber roller are all factors the printing products. 


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