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What are the different types of notebook printing?

Time: 2022-11-07 Hits: 114

notebook printing companies

Usually, a notebook is a small book that is often used to record things in our daily life and work. 

Notebook is widely used. No matter students or teachers, employees or bosses, they need over one notebook every year. So the notebook market is enormous. BookPrintingChina is a professional notebook printing company.

1. Common classifications of notebook printing

(1) Business Notebook

Business notebooks are mainly used for a type of notebooks in various office environments. Especially some large companies or enterprises. Which buy and supply notebook printing products in large quantities every year. To provide employees with a lot of help in daily life and improve the convenience of employees.

(2) Personalized Notebook

Most of the so-called personalized notebooks are notebooks used in daily life. The biggest difference between them and business notebooks is that they have more delicate covers and inner pages. Most of the printing designs highlight personalized features.

(3) Notebooks for students

This type of notebook printing is mainly provided to students in their daily study. Most of the notebook printing used by students is relatively simple, and the production is relatively simple. If this type of product is compared with the above-mentioned products. Its cost performance is the highest, good quality and low price.

2. How to choose a reliable notebook printing company

(1) Quality

Because coil notebooks all need to be punched. The notebook printing factory needs to pay attention to the choice of paper when designing and making. And choosing excellent paper can ensure the quality of the product.

(2) The choice of hole position

There are generally two ways to punch holes in coil notebooks. One is above and one is below. They each have their own characteristics. At this time, it is necessary to determine which method you need according to your needs.

(3) Design of the cover

Many notebook printing companies believe that notebook printing is not important to the design of the cover. In fact, a good notebook cover is also very important, it is related to the image problem. The quality of the cover design of a notebook directly affects the image of its appearance. An exquisite cover design is very attractive to consumers.

(4) Back cover design

The back cover is a problem that many people ignore. Many large companies or enterprises will ignore the back cover when they customize their notebooks. Just to deal with it simply, in fact, a beautiful notebook, the front cover and the back cover are very important, this is about the details. 

Regarding the cover, you can choose different cover material from different binding ways. If you prefer softcover book binding, then you can use coated paper/uncoated paper/special paper. If you like a hardcover binding, you can choose from paper/cloth/leather. We can print your notebook with custom cover perfectly.

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