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What are the details that must be paid attention to before the document is sent to the China printer?

Time: 2021-04-02 Hits: 60

When printing documents are sent to the China Printer for production, in addition to checking text curved, picture pixels and links, the following details must be paid attention as well.

1, Choose the more commonly used design and production softward, if possible don’t use Word to design artwork.


2. The image must be CMYK colors, with the resolution no less than 300*300dpi/ pixel/inch.

3. Check whether the text in the artwork is four-color, if so, change it to monochrome 100% black.

4, such as the use of Pagemaker, Wiesi, Fang's book version, Illustrator, must be linked to the image file and the original file copy.


5, Photoshop files are best for PSD (unmerged layer) files, in order to facilitate modification.


6, use common font, not to use unusual fonts.  If already used, please convert the text to the curve (outline) mode, you can avoid the output center does not have this font and can not output the problem. If there are any supplementary documents, you must make a copy of them to the China Printer.

7. Clearly inform the finished size, printing quantity, printing paper, etc. of the printed matter for the convenience of making up and hanging up the net.


8, such as two pages of the same content, but the black text part is different (often encountered), then only need to output the first page of the CMYK four colors, and the second page of the K color.

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