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What are the characteristics of qualified printed matter?

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Prints embellish people's lives and add brilliant colors to people's lives. So what are the characteristics of qualified prints? What should be paid attention to in the printing process? Below, Bookprintingchina takes you to understand some of the more difficult colors to print and some design experience before printing.

1. Gray balance, according to the experience of theory and production practice, the most difficult color to control for printed matter is gray balance.

2. For 4-color and 3-color cross-screen, do not print the full-color color (it is recommended to use special color printing).

3. Things designed by people who do not understand printing are the most difficult to print. Color is one aspect, too many multicolor polar lines are thin, very small characters are white, etc.

4, C=50M=50Y=50K=50 big flat net, if there is a little inaccuracy, the color cast will be serious.

5. The text is in four colors, that is, there are texts in the four colors in CMYK, especially small characters, it is difficult to fit, and the gripper of the machine is extremely demanding.

6. There is also a black background that is not easy to deal with. In order to achieve the effect of black bottom, you can use special black ink or print twice, it is not difficult to print, and it is more labor-intensive.

7. The superposition of several color dots, especially more than 70% dots.

8. Generally full-page things in printing, spot-color full-page or large area, reverse white characters,and the same color block are generally difficult to follow the color, and are prone to color difference, ghosting, smearing, scratching injury phenomenon.

In short, qualified prints must meet: 1. Accurate overprinting; 2. Uniform ink color; 3. Full dots; 4. Ink balance. Strictly faithful to the original. We are a professional China printing company specialize in all kinds of printing, such as Hardcover Book Printing, Softcover Book Printing, Coloring Book Printing, Children Book Printing, Cooking Book Printing,Board Book Printing, Notebook Printing, Photo Book Printing and more. We provide best China printing service, pursue high-quality prints to suit people's increasing aesthetics.

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