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What Are The characteristics Of Hot Seller Children's Books?

Time: 2023-01-13 Hits: 132

Under the huge market temptation, the competition of children's books is becoming increasingly fierce. More and more comprehensive publishing houses are also involved in children's book publishing. After my observation and summary, children's books that are hot sell in the market have five major characteristics.

children's book printing

1. Simple knowledge and interesting content

Whether picture book or story book, the content always at the first position. Because of children with limited knowledge, they can't understand too complex word. So the content should be as easy to understand as possible, not too professional. But also lively and interesting, not too uncommon. 

2. Exquisite packaging and beautiful layout

One of the characteristics of children's book is that there are relatively few words and more pictures. Therefore, in terms of packaging and design, strive to be exquisite, atmospheric, beautiful, and have a strong visual impact. At the same time, the color should conform to the physical characteristics of the child as much as possible.

3. Set the main character with a cute image

Based on the age characteristics of children, they all prefer small animals, and they also like to give nicknames to classmates or friends. Therefore, in character setting, it is necessary to set several protagonists with cute images and different personalities, so as to draw in children and children. The sense of distance between readers makes children feel close.

4. There is a sense of substitution and resonance 

The so-called sense of substitution means that the content and scenes are as close as possible to the daily life and learning environment of children, so that readers feel that the content in the book seems to happen to them or to their classmates.

5. Precise positioning, tailor-made

Children are a big concept, including multiple age levels, and people of different ages have different needs and personality characteristics. On this point, many young parents have a deep understanding. For example, seven or eight-year-old children are very reluctant to play with four- and five-year-old children, and feel that they are in the way, while younger children especially like to play with older children. The various contempt and dissatisfaction between the two Very obvious.

Thus, when we write and printing children's books, we need to create different content for different age of children. Among them, children in kindergarten prefer picture books with more pictures and less words because they don't know many characters. Readers in the second and third grades of elementary school feel that reading picture books is too naive, and prefer children's books that combine text and pictures.

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