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What Are The Best Book Layout Software Tools

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Layout is one of the major parts for the book publishing and printing. Excellent layout can help you make a satisfied book. Meanwhile, Learn to layout software knowledge will help you save much cost.

1. Adobe InDesign tool

InDesign tool


At present, the most used and professional layout software tool in global is Adobe InDesign. InDesign with the powerful making function of Electronic Publishing and Online Publishing. It can make paper book and electronic book making satisfactory.

InDesign as an excellent editing and layout software tool for graphic and image. It not only can produce a professional grade of full color effect. Also can transfer the artwork to PDF, HTML, etc format. InDesign is a leader in cross-media publishing.

Adobe InDesign is the optimal choice for multi-page efficient layout design. Usually, the beautiful magazine printing, book printing, album printing are designed and layout by Adobe InDesign. Adobe InDesign with the excellent performance, easy to use. What you see is what you get, very convenient to generate PDF files and export various image files. Since Adobe InDesign with powerful function, want to perfect master it will have a bit of difficult. But for those who have a foundation in Photoshop, learning InDesign is a very simple thing!

2. Adobe illustrator


AI software


Adobe illustrator, its abbreviation is AI. Adobe illustrator is an industry-standard vector illustration software tool for publishing, multimedia and online images. We often use it in book layout, professional illustration, multimedia image processing, etc. Such as do children’s book printing with a lot of illustration, often use it to design the illustration. It can also provide high precision and control for line drafts. And is suitable for producing any small design to large complex projects.

Adobe illustrator software tool has completely taken over the professional printing and publishing field. Whether it is a line draft designer and professional illustrator, an artist producing multimedia images, or a producer of Internet pages or online content. After using Adobe illustrator, will find that its powerful functions and simple interface design style. Only Freehand can compare .

Adobe illustrator, as the world’s most famous vector graphics software. It has occupied most of the global vector editing software with its powerful functions and considerate user interface. According to incomplete statistics, 37% of designers worldwide are using Adobe Illustrator for art design.

3. CorelDRAW tool


CorelDRAW tool


CorelDRAW of Corel is a very outstanding software tool for vector flat design. In the book layout field, also use it often. Since CorelDRAW is easy to master, most book printing companies in China are often using it to layout.

4. Publisher tool


Microsoft's Publisher


Another very simple one is Microsoft’s Publisher. Publisher software tool is a sub-office software of Office. For the people of often use Word, Publisher is very easy to learn, because its interface is very similar. This software tool can meet the general needs of layout. For example, simple zine printing.

5. Frame Maker tool

Frame Maker


It is the most widely used page layout software for localized desktop publishing. Frame Maker is suitable for processing various types of long documents. Such as novel, dictionary, etc.





QuarkXPress is the most widely used layout design software in the world. Quark Xpress is the leading mainstream design product used by publishers around the world.

Through advanced color capabilities, outstanding graphics processing, precise typesetting control and complex printing functions. It can improve publishing capabilities, create exciting, efficient publications and deliver information in an integrated manner. Integrate professional layout, design, color and graphics processing functions, professional drawing tools, word processing, complex prepress operations, etc. in one application software.

Quarkxpress often use for book, magazine, catalog, package, card, etc product of layout.

At present, in response to the InDesign layout software launched by Adobe. Quark Company has launched QuarkXpress 8.0 version with global operation characteristics. The language interface of several countries and regions is embedded in the software, which is convenient for users in various regions.





Flip HTML5 (e-book production software) supports importing pdf, TXT and RTF documents. Or various commonly used image files, editing and merging them, and quickly generating e-books. This software supports publishing e-books as html5 online format. And also supports directly exporting them locally for offline reading.

This software does not need to edit e-books from the code level. You can preview the reading effect of e-books in real time. It supports publishing e-books on mobile devices. Such as iPad and iPhone, and also allows for browsing e-books on the web. It provides a free online hosting library that can manage all versions of e-books in a unified manner.

Which software tool is best for your book layout?

If you need to layout the book with much images. I recommend use InDesign or CorelDRAW. Because these two software tools with powerful for image editing. I often use InDesign to do layout work, because its function is powerful and professional. Especially for more than a hundred of pages layout, InDesign is very useful. And the book with a lot of illustration, I recommend using Adobe illustrator.

If for the simple layout, I recommend PageMaker or Publisher. It is easy to master and more eco-friendly for the groups without layout foundation. InDesign, Photoshop and CorelDRAW are hard to prefect master. It is more suitable for the groups with design foundation.

If you want to do E-book, I recommend FlipHTML5. It is very convenient and easy for you to layout and publish your E-book.

When using layout software to layout your book, here are some experiences for you.

1. If your text is black and white, please use 100% black to design, is not CMYK black. Because 100% black printing will be cheaper than CMYK black.

2. Before printing, you need to set side width and bleeding place, etc. This function exists in the new build.

3. Then you need to preflight, to check which place is wrong. After preflight, you need to package all the pictures you do. And transfer to PDF, JPG or what format you want. The exported print file of JPG is 300dpi or above. The larger the resolution, the more refined it is. But the file capacity is larger, the printing time will be longer. And the image please transfer to CMYK PDF or JPG format, is not RGB. Because CMYK format file can better print your original color.

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