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What are the benefits of lamination for your book printing?

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Lamination is one of the main processes of Chinese book printing and post-press processing. It is to bond the plastic film coated with adhesive and the paper printed matter after heating and pressing to form a paper-plastic product. It is one of the common post-press processing techniques for book printing.

The laminated printed matter has a smoother and brighter surface due to the extra layer of thin and transparent plastic film on the surface. Which not only improves the gloss and fastness of the printed matter, and prolongs the service life of it. At the same time, the plastic film is also moisture-proof, Waterproof, antifouling, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other protective functions. If a transparent bright film is used for laminating, the printed pictures and texts of the laminating products will be brighter and full of three-dimensionality, which is especially suitable for the packaging of green food and other commodities, and can arouse people's appetite and consumer desire. If the matt film is used for coating, the coated product will bring consumers a noble and elegant feeling. Therefore, packaging printed matter after film can significantly improve the grade and added value of commodity packaging.



Lamination are often used for paperback books to help protect and enhance the design. By bonding a transparent plastic film to the cover of a book, this is a simple and affordable technology that can help improve the handling and durability of book printing.

Durability and protection

One of the main benefits of lamination is that it significantly increases the durability of the lid and protects it from the elements. Helps prevent it from being worn or torn, acting as a protective layer. Sprinkle water on the laminated book cover, you only need to wipe it off.


Enhanced color depth

Generally speaking, if the photo is printed on glossy paper, the colors will look more vivid than when printed on matte paper. Then the principle of lamination is the same, it helps to enrich the color tone of the printed product and make the color more vivid.


Increase the sense of quality

If you want to make your book more attractive to potential readers, or if your main goal is longevity, then abrasion-resistant laminate is the best choice. This tough and durable laminated decoration can resist scratches, tears and other accidental damage, and can help your printed products stay beautiful for longer. Finishing your book printing with laminated covers will give you a high-quality feel.


Increased strength

Since lamination makes the lid thicker and harder, it will be stronger. This will reduce the chance of accidental tearing or bending of the lid and should help the product maintain its new appearance for as long as possible. If your book will be processed in large quantities, then you need to discuss with your printer to add extra strong laminate finishes to the product.


Lamination packaging for your book printing will give people a noble and elegant feeling. Therefore, the laminated packaging and printing can significantly improve the grade and added value of the books. If you need more information about lamination and China book printing, please contact us freely.


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