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What are the advantages of leaflet printing

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Major festivals of the year such as New Year's Day, Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Children's Day, Christmas, etc. Leaflet printing can promote the sale, trial and competition of goods at reduced prices. This is just a very important way of promotion.


What are the advantages of leaflet printing?


The specification of leaflet printing is usually eight or sixteen pages, and the paper is mostly 105 g, 128 g or 157 g coated paper, double-sided printing; the purpose of making flyers is to sell, improve performance, and expand business within a certain period of time Increase profits; it can stabilize the existing customer base, attract new customers, and increase passenger flow; it can also launch new products, seasonal products or products promoted by the company to stabilize the consumer group; leaflet printing can also increase the sales of specific products and increase Per capita consumption; it can also enhance the corporate image and enhance the company's reputation; it can also compete with promotional activities held in the same industry; it can also stimulate consumers to make planned and impulsive purchases and increase turnover.


The three elements of leaflet printing are mainly scheme, theme, pattern, design and so on. The writing of copywriting must come up with easy-to-understand slogans, have a clear sense of rhythm, fully consider the relevance of the copywriting and the pattern, and choose a simple and clear type of copywriting; when making, pay attention to determining the theme and target products, and clearly distinguish between the main products and Secondary commodities. General advertisements are invalid, and the title or slogan needs to be discussed after thorough discussion, because the title is the life of the advertisement. At the same time, patterns and photos are very important to the vision. You must be fully prepared to clearly mark the price, store name, store address and phone number, so that customers can keep it in mind.


There is no need to use multiple colors when printing a leaflet, but sometimes a single color can produce better results, so the choice of colors is diversified and can be customized according to specific promotional content.


Leaflet printing has many functions and can be used as flyers for supermarkets and shopping malls. You can also make company profiles, school enrollment profiles, etc.


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