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What are saddle stitching? Binding steps for saddle stitching.

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Saddle stitched book printing is a more common and affordable binding method, suitable for relatively thin or small albums. It is recommended to be within 40p and the thickness of the book within 2mm. If it is too thick, it is easy to explode the angle and affect the appearance.


The main benefit of saddle stitching is that it is the most affordable way to tie multiple pages together. This makes it a very popular choice for companies and individuals who want to keep costs to a minimum but still want a product that looks and feels professional. Saddle stitch booklet printing is durable and easy to open, so this technique is suitable for a variety of printed products.


1. Binding skills

The cover is folded and matched with the book block, and the pages are bound and cut into a book; the bookbinding can be seen on the folds of the bound book cover.


2. Features

The book block can be fully flattened, suitable for document binding with a relatively small number of pages, and the finished product specifications are not limited, such as conference documents, training materials, product manuals, etc.


3. Common precautions before printing

Book block page numbers are designed to be multiples of four.


4. The essentials of the operation steps


①When the manual saddle stitching machine is not in use, the power should be disconnected in time, and the hand should not be placed under the stitching mouth.

②According to the document folio specifications, set the specific position of the binding; referring to the traditional printing technology standards, the binding is at the specific position of 1/4 of the book.

③ According to the thickness of the text, specify the size of the nails and the size of the nail head pressure. For thick books, increase the pressure, and for thin books, decrease the pressure.

④When binding, the direction of the text should be consistent to prevent the specific position of the nails from being inconsistent after the binding is completed.


Saddle stitch book printing is not only one of the most straightforward binding techniques, it is also one of the fastest. Making it ideal for long runs of thousands of brochures or magazines, but also suitable for short runs of as few as 150 volumes. It also adds little to the weight of the printed product, making it ideal for mailed items.

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