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Use different printing process characteristics to control printing color

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printing process

Because of the difference in printing process, the thickness of the ink layer of printed matter is also different. For the series of printed matter with sizeable difference in material. According to the color of the printed matter and the adaptability of the material to the printing process. It is also an effective way to control the printing color to select a suitable process for printing. The ink layer thickness of various printing processes is about offset printing of 3 microns; relief printing of 8 microns; flexographic printing of 10 microns; gravure printing of 12 microns; silk Screen printing of 30 microns.


According to the basic performance of the substrate, surface gloss, ink absorption. And the structure of the layout pattern. Consider choosing a printing process suitable for the ink absorption characteristics of the substrate material. The balance of water and ink limited the offset printing process, and the change range of ink coating is small. It is more suitable for printing substrates with relatively good gloss. Such as coated art paper, glass card, white card, offset paper, white board paper, Kraft board, etc. The napkin paper is soft, the ink absorption is large, tensile strength is poor. It is easy to stretch and deform, so it is more suitable to use low viscosity liquid water-based ink for printing. To get ideal printing color, and water-based ink has significant advantages in environmental protection. Thus, flexographic printing of napkins is the best choice. When selecting the printing process, we should consider not only the influence of the printing characteristics of the substrate on the printing color. But also the printing production cost. For example, the gravure and flexographic processes have high plate making costs. Which are more suitable for printing long-term products.

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