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Types of color printing

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In the traditional color market, color printing technology is mainly divided into three categories, they are: production color, image color and commercial color. This classification is mainly determined by the output requirements of customers. Producing color is suitable for high-volume production, where higher production speeds and lower unit printing costs are important. Image color jobs must achieve a high level of quality (often accurate color matching), but these types of jobs are generally low-volume print jobs. Commercial color is a relatively fast-growing field, as color documents have become more and more common in office environments. But now, the quality of image color and the high speed and low cost of producing color have been weakened to a certain extent, so the difference between various color printing technologies has become less obvious.


No single legacy technology dominates all of the aforementioned areas. When selecting technology, book printing companiesmust consider factors such as image quality, output speed, equipment cost and operating cost. Among these factors, print buyers must make trade-offs based on their actual situation. While different print buyers have different measures of "acceptable quality", speed and cost are important factors in their purchasing decision, as high-end printing is only a large part of many companies' product portfolios. a small proportion.


production color


Production color printing equipment can meet customers' needs for high-volume color output and printing speed. In this field, many devices can easily print millions of pages in a month.


Such products are generally produced using lithographic or laser printing techniques. In the production color market, there are very few dealers who can supply inkjet printing equipment, and the supply of second-hand offset printing equipment has also been in excess for the past three years. On the other hand, advances in digital color printing technology have made mass production of color documents easier and lower barriers to entry into the production color market. Nonetheless, there are still many areas where color production-type color printing equipment is needed, and the price of these equipment is still a hurdle. Production color printing equipment typically sells for $100,000 to millions of dollars, and this does not include equipment installation and training costs, so compared to image color or commercial color imaging systems, this type of equipment in the United States The number of installations on the market is not ideal.


Image color


Image color printing meets the need for high-quality printing in short runs; this technology is characterized by higher output quality but slower production speeds, at around 4 to 50 pages per minute. Graphic color printing equipment is very simple to set up and operate, and its maintenance features are the main reasons for its popularity in the color market. But the field is also faced with a lot of confusion: almost every printers in China offers these types of products to customers. Instead of focusing only on large businesses before, image color technology has now found its way into homes and many nonprofits, government agencies, and small businesses. The main reason for this is that people have realized the important role that color plays in enhancing the impact of printed documents. In fact, color has helped people attract more customers than before and successfully offset its production costs.


commercial color


Commercial color printing is the fastest growing of the three traditional color fields. In fact, commercial color printing has replaced black and white printing in many fields of production with the advancement of traditional copying and printing technology. All the major copier makers sell imaging devices that can print in both black and white and color, only the price of these devices varies by function. In addition, the image quality of these devices can fully meet the requirements of most customers for daily color prints.


Many new devices in commercial color printing have crossed the line between this field and the field of image color and production color printing. This chaotic situation is mainly caused by advances in commercial color printing technology. The pressure on production color printing technology comes primarily from savvy marketing rather than technological advancement. More recently, presses capable of printing up to 65 pages per minute have appeared in the commercial color printing market, and while its output quality is comparable to that of image-color printing equipment, its speed is nowhere near as fast as 100 pages per minute. The above production-type color printing equipment is on a par. One of the most attractive aspects of commercial color printing technology is that it can add highlights to documents without significantly increasing production costs. Commercial color printing is the ideal choice for customers who are only looking for low cost and don't care about production speed and print quality.

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