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TQC- Bookprintingchina high quality control system.

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TQC- Bookprintingchina high quality control system.

TQC: What is the concept? Total quality control is the total quality control, referred to as TQC.

TQC of BookPrintingChina: It requires everyone to be responsible for product quality, find quality problems in time, and solve the problems in the origin. Unlike other enterprises, we are a manufacturer engaged in the printing and binding of books and periodicals. According to the inertial thinking, maybe no printing factory in your mind will propose such quality control to be applied to practice. Bookprintingchina is really doing this with no effort.


In fact, such advanced quality management concept comes from Japanese enterprises, employees even have the right to stop the production line when they find quality problems. Because one of the concepts of total quality management is that quality constancy is more important than high output.

Maintenance of book printing and binding quality are more important than high output in our factory. Therefore, in TQC, more emphasis is placed on the whole staff checks, that is, each employee guarantees that no defective parts will enter the next process.


For example, our hardcover book printing and books printing process; assume that every worker in the printing process can guarantee 100% that only qualified sheets enter the next folding process, that is to say, the folding process worker can find 100% of the unqualified parts after the completion of processing. (Here, assume that there is one non-qualified sheet.) Qualified folding and feeding the remaining qualified folding (assuming 114-1=113) into the thread-locking process; similarly, only 108 qualified wool pieces are allowed to enter the hardcover/glue nail after the thread-locking process is completed, and five unqualified wool books are picked out; by analogy, the final production of hardcover workers in the process is achieved. The qualified products are 100 pieces.

Bookprintingchina Works in the implementation of TQC quality management under the hardback book printing quality qualification rate is more stable and ideal. Bookprintingchina continuously optimizes the quality control nodes in the printing and binding process of each publication. Learn about us, www.bookprintingchina.com. Military Deals and Discounts

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