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Top ten printing dust removal methods in book printing companies

Time: 2022-03-23 Hits: 213


1Dust removal method on tape winding paper feeding wheel

Tape dedusting refers to winding double-sided tape or fiber tape on the paper feeding wheel to remove dust through the viscosity on the tape. This method has the advantages of obvious dust removal effect in the early stage and convenient installation. The disadvantage is that after using for a period of time, more paper scraps will be stuck on the tape to form hard blocks. In serious cases, the face paper will be pressed out of the pit and easy to fall on the paperboard, resulting in printing paste or white exposure. Therefore, after using for a period of time, most of the book printing companies must clean the dust on the wheel.


2Dust removal method by sticking adhesive tape on paperboard

When the printing plate is stuck by dust, resulting in white printing, stick the double-sided adhesive tape on the position of white leakage in the printing, and then print. The dust on the printing plate can be removed by double-sided tape, so as to avoid wiping the printing plate. The disadvantage is that it may stick to the printing plate or other positions.


3Straight row brush dust removal method

The printing press usually has a row of brushes. Due to the long use time, the hair on the brush is worn and the brush will be crowded with dust. The brush should be cleaned and maintained regularly. If the brush is worn, the brush has no dust removal function. The installation height of the brush should also be checked regularly. If it is a row of brush, it can be changed into a double row of brush, so the dust removal effect is the best.


4Drum brush dust removal method

Generally, a printing unit is added, on which two brush rollers are installed. The rotation speed of the brush is lower than that of the equipment. Dust removal is carried out through the rotation speed difference of the brush, which is relatively large.


5Water dedusting method

Install a whole printing plate with the first color, and then apply water. Clean the paperboard dust by dipping the printing plate with water. This effect is OK. It is suitable for winter. In this way, the paperboard is not easy to burst. The disadvantage is that it is easy to deink after printing with water, and it takes a long time to clean the mesh roller.


6Equipment cleaning and dust removal method

Because the dust in the carton and paperboard workshop is relatively large, the paper ash is easy to fall into the top of the printing machine and the baffle of the machine, which is an easy problem for many book printing companies. If the equipment is not cleaned in time, there is a lot of dust accumulated on the top of the equipment for a long time. Due to the vibration when the equipment is opened, the dust falls into the cardboard or printing plate, resulting in poor printing. Equipment cleaning is very important.


7Ground sprinkling dust removal method:

The dust on the ground mainly comes from the slotting unit. The paper dust generated in the slotting process is easy to fly inside the equipment, so it is necessary to spray water on the equipment ground. In this way, the paper ash falls into the ground and will not fly again. This is easy to use.


8Dust removal method of dust washing pipe

A row of dust suction devices are installed on the edge of the brush, which is similar to the vacuum cleaner, but the dust suction port runs through the width of the printing press. The dust suction pipe can be closed individually to remove dust by adjusting the suction force.


9Paperboard runaway dust removal method

Pass the paperboard directly through the printing machine unit, remove dust while idling, and then print. This method is relatively time-consuming and the cardboard is easy to crush. Not recommended.


10Dust removal method

This method is the simplest and time-consuming, and the effect is relatively good. Is a piece of cardboard, brush with a brush, and then sort it out for printing. The quantity of cardboard is small and can be used, which is not very time-consuming.



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