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Tips of packaging box printing customization

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The launch of a new product needs to be promoted and displayed through packaging, and the packaging box determines the value of the existence of the product. In the process ofcustompackaging boxprinting, many printing companies in China will take the packaging of the top brands in the same industry as a reference and learn from their advantages. The resulting packaging is different and different. How to control this pros and cons relationship?


1. When referring to the sample box of the same brand, you can refer to its design style, and then compare your own company culture to form exclusive design elements. When referring to the box shape, you can change the box shape to let consumers see similar products. different products. In the process of custom packaging box design, it is necessary to have eye-catching text or patterns as the main title to build brand awareness.


2. Select paper with good color reproduction and texture on the printing paper. If there is a large background color, you can try spot color ink for printing. the same effect. In terms of process requirements, special processes should be used, such as bronzing, UV, etc., which can improve the grade of the packaging box, and compared with products of the same brand, it is ornamental.


3. Personalized custom box printing can be added, such as special-shaped box shapes, decorating the box surface with retro tassel, etc. Personalized boxes have become one of the effective tools used by the sales market to attract customers.


The custom box is stylish, delicate and beautiful. Not only do these boxes look good, but they also have a safe and sturdy build. A variety of craftsmanship is a great addition to any custom box printing in China printing company, giving them a unique design. They use many different methods to customize your box such as digital printing, embossing or de-spotting, spot UV, hot stamping or screen printing for a high-end look. These boxes are perfect for sales and marketing kits.


A well-designed product box can really have a positive impact on your business image. It might seem like an expensive option, but a premium box with personalized marketing materials is a wise investment, especially if you're dealing with a premium product. These boxes can really set you apart and elevate your brand to new heights in the industry.

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