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Tips For Printing A Children’s Board Book

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Board books are a great way to introduce young children to the joys of reading. Best of all, thanks to advances in self-publishing technology, it’s now easier than ever to produce a high-quality board book of your own.

Custom board books for babies


Printing a board book can be expensive, especially in your country where the cost of paper seems to be constantly rising. Consider using a broad printer like ours — we’re based in Guangdong — as we can almost always offer a much more cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality and safety standards.

The Material Choice of Board Book

1. Choose the best cardboard for your project and budget

There are two kinds: gray board and whiteboard. One is gray, and the other is white. Both produce similar results. The only visual difference is that with the gray board, you’ll be able to see the natural color around the edge of the pages.

2. Choose your board book cover

You can have a “self-cover” or a case binding or “hardcover” for your children’s board book printing. Self-cover, which is the most common and the least expensive has covers that are actually the exterior faces of the first and last board covered with a printed sheet. Hardcover board book, which is rare, has a separate cover casing into which the boards are fixed.

3. Choose Eco-friendly paper material 

Safety is important when on children’s board book printing. We are deeply committed to children’s safety and follow all North American and European safety standards. So, we cut boards with rounded off corners, for example, and use harmless UV varnishing rather than laminated plastic to protect your books.

Board Book Layout Standard

Page layout is an important aspect of creating a board book

The standard layout for a board book is to have pages that are two-page spreads. This means that the first page of the book will be the left-hand page, which is on the reverse of the front cover.

The second page will be the right-hand page, which faces the first page.

The last page of the book will be the right-hand page, which is on the reverse of the back cover.

When setting up your board book design, make sure to choose to face pages in your layout software. This will ensure that your pages are printed correctly when you generate the PDF for printing board books.

How to Keep Board Book Printing Costs Low?

1. Choose a smaller book size. The less art board you use, the less each book will cost.

2. Reduce the number of spread pages. Less art board = less cost.

Print overseas with board book printing specialists and save about 40% on the printing cost.

3. Quote on a gray board instead of a whiteboard to save some paper costs.

With a thorough understanding of this business industry, BookPrintingChina is engrossed in Children’s Board Book Printing Services for our clients.

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