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The tips to choose a suitable China printing company

Time: 2022-06-07 Hits: 187

The tips to choose a suitable China printing company



There are many printers in China, how to choose a suitableoneCatalogue printing is different from other leaflets. The catalog is not only for publicity and display, but also represents the image of an enterprise and is a channel for others to understand their products and corporate culture. If the catalog printing and design is too casual, it will often leave the impression of low trust to the customers who want to know. So how to choose a suitable printing manufacturer?


1. The paper looks good;

2. The picture is clear;

3. The binding is good, and the pages will not be scattered.


However, there are more than just so many requirements for a beautifuland cheap catalogue printing. It sounds "professional" more like a gimmick, and a catalogue does not seem to have so much technical content. However, it is these hidden "skills" that increase the publicity and credibility of the catalog.


For example, in the promotion catalog, the most important thing is the picture of the product. Product pictures are different from photo albums, which do not require artistic rendering, but require a very realistic display, especially in the processing of colors.


Although there is often a color difference between the real object and the picture, professional printing can make this color difference close to zero.


Catalogs are all about being beautiful and authentic. Therefore, manufacturers who choose to print catalogs must check whether the following conditions are met:


1: First, let's look at the scale of this printing plant.


2: Whether there are complete and advanced printing equipment. For pre-press document processing, the company adopts Founder software to make imposition quickly and effectively, and has a set of manuscript color matching system developed by itself. For printing, it is suitable for printing on various types of paper, with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.


3: Whether the operating time is long

No matter in all walks of life, experience is particularly important. If you have been in business for a long time, you will have more relevant experience in the printing industry. You can foresee and deal with various problems, reduce the possibility of mistakes, and give many more reasonable opinions and suggestions. Service more thoughtful


4: Complete supporting equipment for post-production, glue binding, saddle stitching, leather case machine, and a series of supporting equipment, no need to send out production, which greatly reduces the cost of round-trip transportation.

5: Whether logistics and transportation are efficient.


State-of-the-art equipment means that businesses keep pace with the times and are able to meet the most cutting-edge requirements in printing. Fully equipped printing equipment means that you will not be overwhelmed when you receive high-volume production, and you will not be able to complete the established construction period on time. It just so happens that bookprintingchina has all the above features and can efficientlyfor your catalogue printing at an affordable. Feel free to contact us for your printing project.

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