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The technology of Paper box printing

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Nowadays, people seem to pay more attention to the outer packaging of gifts. After all, in addition to the genuine goods at a fair price, the "image project" is also important. Carton boxes are often used for outer packaging. Before use, the surface must be treated to make it more beautiful and durable.

The traditional processing method in carton printing is the laminating process, which is characterized by simplicity and low price. However, the laminated paper is difficult to recycle, non-degradable, and easy to cause white pollution. Long-term use will also endanger the health of workers. Therefore, the traditional ready-to-coat film-coated adhesive materials will be replaced by high-quality environmentally-friendly new adhesives. Coating can not only enhance the surface brightness and protect the printed graphics, but also does not affect the recycling of paper, which can save resources and protect the environment. Therefore, it is widely used in the surface processing of paper box printing.

The glazing paint mainly includes solvent glazing oil, water-based glazing oil, UV glazing oil and so on.

Solvent glazing oil has poor efficacy and is not conducive to environmental protection, and its application range is greatly restricted.

The water-based glazing oil uses water as the solvent, is non-toxic and tasteless, and eliminates the harm to the human body and the pollution to the environment. It has fast dry bathing speed, stable performance, good abrasion resistance of the glazing surface, wide post-press processing adaptability, and heat The characteristics of good sealing performance, safe and reliable use, etc., have attracted more and more attention from food, medicine, and tobacco paper box packaging and printing enterprises.

UV coating relies on the irradiation of ultraviolet light to cause a chemical reaction inside the UV coating to complete the curing process. Due to the effect of ultraviolet rays, it dries instantly during UV coating, and there is no solvent volatilization during curing, which will not cause environmental pollution. Printed products using UV varnish have high surface gloss, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance, and light resistance. However, due to the high price of UV varnish and high requirements for machine performance, it is currently only used for high-end carton packaging. Glazing.

At present, water-based glazing is more commonly used in the market, and UV glazing seems to be still in a "trial operation" stage. However, with the corresponding development of technology, the cost of UV coating technology may gradually decrease, and it may gradually replace the water-based method.

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