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The printing technology you need to know

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Printing technology can be simply divided into traditional printing and digital printing.


Traditional printing is usually divided into printing plates. The types of printing technologies mainly include offset printing, letterpress printing, gravure printing and screen printing.

Digital printing is the product of the development of computer technology in the 20th century. It mainly refers to image reproduction technology and computer direct printing. Plate making, digital inkjet and direct printing without plate, etc.

1.Lithographic printing

The printing plate of lithographic printing is flat, and printing is realized by the principle that water and oil are incompatible. The printing plate is divided into a lipophilic and hydrophobic graphic part and a hydrophilic and oleophobic blank part. In this way, the graphic part absorbs ink, and the blank part does not absorb ink.

2.Toppan Printing

The printed part of relief printing is higher than the blank part. Because the blank part is concave, the blank part on the printed product is slightly raised when pressurized, and the surface of the printed product has inconspicuous unevenness.

3.Gravure printing

In the gravure printing plate, the printed image and text part is lower than the blank part, and the degree of depression varies with the level of the image and text. The darker the image and text level, the deeper the depth, and the blank part is on the same plane.

4.Screen printing

It has simple equipment, convenient operation, simple printing and plate making, low cost, and strong adaptability. The substrate can be hard or soft, flat or curved. It can be printed in single color, and can also be widely used in various inks and coatings for color printing and screen color printing.

5.Digital printing

Digital printing is usually defined as: refers to the process of printing documents directly from a computer or output device with ink, toner or other dyes. Due to technological updates, a complete all-digital printing system has replaced many traditional manual printing methods.



The main features of Digital printing:

1). Quality factor: Digital printing uses toner, and the printed product presents bright colors, but it is not suitable for long-term storage.

2). Fast delivery: Digital printing usually delivers fast. For short-run or fast-delivered prints, digital printing has obvious advantages compared with offset printing.

3). Printing proofing: This is one of the most practical and popular jobs for digital printing. What needs to be reminded is that digital prints are brighter and brighter in terms of color reproduction.

4). Cost increase: When the number of prints reaches hundreds or even thousands, the cost of digital printing will be very high. Before using digital printing to output printed materials, a cost budget must be made.

5). Printing size: The digital printing size is usually limited to A3 format. Of course, if you use spray painting cloth for indoor decoration or outdoor work, the size can be multiplied or glued to meet the actual requirements.

6). Personalized work: The personalized features of digital printing allow creative design to be extended infinitely. It is easy to change the design and produce different batches of printed products without causing an increase in printing costs.

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