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The necessity of children's book printing

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When talking about children’s book printing, we think about safety. The paper and ink used for children’s books must be eco-friendly, not harm for healthy. We have printed lots of children’s books, we know how to do your book in high-end quality and make the color printing bright and attractive.


Children Board Books

These books are suitable for toddlers 1-3 years old. The reason for giving young children these kinds of books is to start introducing them to things around them. Topics are usually about the alphabet, animal names, vegetable names, numbers, and other things that need to be introduced to young children. In addition to the theme of theboardbook, theboardbook is made of thick cardboard with a glossy finish. The purpose of using thick cardboard is to make it easy for young children to turn over and not tear easily. Illustrations in a chessboard book should be inspiring and engaging for children to read and keep reading to the end.


Interactive books

The topics in interactive books may be the same asboardbooks, but they can also tell simple stories designed to entertain children. It could be about friendships, journeys, moral stories or something else. Someof these kinds of childrens book printing also use thick cardboard, but the difference between interactive books andboardbooks is that interactive books allow children to actively participate in reading the book. For example,this kind ofbooks require kids to do activities like putting their thumbs in the book, touching parts of the book as part of the story, and more interactive things you can think of.


Picture book

Basically, picture books are for kids around 3 to 8 years old. Picture books come in a variety of themes, from fairy tales, folklore, fiction stories, and more. As with everything else, illustrations still need to engage children's reading interest and continuity in order to make the story easy to understand. In addition to illustrations, authors should write short sentences for pictures, using simple words, or adding some rhyme to them. The paper used for picture books is not as thick as blackboard books. Slightly thicker than a writing book, usually finished with a glossy finish. Picture books vary in size and can be small, medium, large, portrait, or even landscape.


Feel free to contact me for your children book printing. Here we are professional book printing company in China with more than 20 years experience.

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