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The Methods and Techniques of Hardcover Book Design and Printing

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hardback-book-printing-1080x450  Designing and printing a book should pay attention to the methods and techniques, not only the morphological design of the books, but also the design of the cover and illustrations of the books. It should be pay attention to the paper material of hardcover book, and the printing should according to the printing process of the book, to improve the effect of printing, so that more readers are attracted, and increase the sales of hardcover books.


Hardcover books are different from ordinary books. The design and printing process of hardcover books is much more complicated than ordinary books. The format size of hardcover books and the paper material should be selected carefully. Generally, hardcover book printing also comes with a box-shaped jacket, which is a hard seal and a removable cover. The above content is consistent with the inner cover, and a bookmark strip that echoes the theme of the book.


The overall printing design of a hardcover book can be divided into an appearance part and an inner page part. The former includes letter sleeves, protective seals, hard seals, spine, belts, head cloths, and ring backing pages. The latter includes title pages, table of contents, chapter pages, text, illustration pages, and copyright pages.


To design and print a hardcover book are also including the binding and packaging for it. The design process includes the analysis of the form and transmission effect of the book before printing, printing, and after printing. Specifically, it refers to the prior art design of folios, fonts, layouts, illustrations, covers, envelopes, and paper, printing, binding, and materials.


And the shape of the hardcover book printing and design should have obvious characteristics such as the age and cultural level of the reader. For example, the image of children's books should be concrete, true and accurate, and the composition should be lively, especially the knowledge and interest should be emphasized. For the readings from middle-aged to the elderly, the image can gradually shift from concrete to abstract, and symbolic techniques should be adopted, the composition can also be transformed from a lively form to a serious and solemn form.



Now we have a basic understanding of the methods and techniques of designing and printing hardcover books. Finally, we know books should be designed, printed and bound according to the reading groups. There are many book printing companies in china, but, If you are looking for a professional hardcover book printing service that can help fulfill your varied commercial printing needs, then you don’t need to look any further! BookPrintingChina will be your best choice. Our expert team can guide you through the whole process, from the original idea through to storage and delivery. Contact us directly for any concerns, queries or information.

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