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The method of corrugated box printing

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Corrugated box is an ordinary packaging product. Its printing quality is not only related to the appearance quality of corrugated paper box printing, but also affects the sales prospect and corporate image of lock packaging products.


The corrugated box can be printed by offset printing, indirect printing and direct printing:


Indirect printing first uses single sheet paper, then prints face paper through multi-color offset press, and then combines face paper with core paper by special paper mounting machine, and then carries out die-cutting and forming of paperboard.


From the perspective of paperboard processing technology, the process of first offset printing paper and then mounting corrugated will also affect the strength of the carton due to too much water left in the pressure and colloid.


Direct offset printing technology is mainly for the current micro corrugated box printing. During production, the corrugated board can be printed directly on a special offset press.


This process can not only ensure the formability of cartons, but also complete exquisite face paper printing. Offset printing directly on corrugated board can improve production efficiency and simplify process flow.


The main raw materials used for corrugated board are box board made of plant fiber, corrugated base paper, tea board, white board, etc. now calcium plastic paper is also used to compound calcium plastic corrugated board. The printed corrugated board is then die-cut and indentation to obtain the carton.


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