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The main part of book printing: cover

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The cover plays a very important role in the overall image of a book, and it is also the first impression for readers. Sometimes readers are attracted by the cover of a book then they buy it. Every element in the cover design has a certain design idea. Cover can also be used for advertising, so visual and beauty cover is very important for custom book printing.

The cover material of the softcover book is mainly paper, which is usually thicker than the inside pages. In addition to ordinary printing, the cover can also do other finishing to make it more attractive, such as laminated, embossed, debossed, UV and foiling. Laminated usually have glossy laminated, matte lamination, soft touch laminated and anti-scratch laminated. Different authors have different preferences. 

The cover materials of hardcover book printing should be more selected. In addition to paper, they can also be leather or cloth. If you choose leather or cloth as the cover material, you will generally choose simple foling logo, embossing and debossing instead of printing. Among these materials, if you want to choose the most durable material, you can choose cloth. If the color content of the cover is rich, it is recommended to choose paper as the cover material. The price should be considered when selecting a cover material for book printing.

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