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The main application market of digital printing

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High-quality printed products are an important means to strengthen communication between companies and users and improve corporate image. Many details that were not valued, such as (time-sensitive printed products, product manuals, user training manuals), etc., have now become manifestations Product quality is an important factor in improving customer satisfaction and thus enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. They use professional digital short-run printing service agencies to meet their own needs for various document processing. From the perspective of market development, outsourcing services will be the trend of corporate print demand. In this way, companies can transfer a large number of Documents and promotional materials are outsourced to corresponding service providers, thereby reducing their operating costs. Companies use funds to focus on their own business, and at the same time, they can obtain high-quality and efficient printed materials from professional suppliers.


Digital printing main market application direction


1. Office supplies: high-end business cards, letter paper, envelopes, memos, forms, labels, postcards, greeting cards, work permits, CD stickers…


2. Business supplies: bidding, proposal, planning, company profile, picture album, corporate annual report, financial report, product catalog, investment report, VI manual, flyer, poster, price list, invitation letter, appointment letter, recipe, tea book , Drinks list, coupons, internal journals…


3. Conference supplies: presentation materials, proposal charts, slides, feasibility reports, agenda sheets, data folders, memos, name tags, table cards, venue posters, address books, newsletters, notices, summary reports…


4. Personalized supplies: personalized postcards, wedding invitations, invitations, annual calendars, Christmas cards, commemorative albums, membership cards, badges, work cards, graduation thesis, graduation albums, graduation recommendations, awards, admission notices, graduation certificates, photos Collections, photo collections, personal books…


5. Industrial production: digital proofing, fast printing, short-run books, network printing, magazines and periodicals, digital photos, photo albums, photo albums, anti-counterfeiting printing, card printing, label printing, variable data printing, database printing.


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