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The knowledge about digital printing that you can not miss

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"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as needed." This passage by Mark Twain usually causes a lot of laughter. However, in terms of digital printing, if you use this printing process, it is worth paying attention to some facts about it. These facts occurred in the process from selecting the most suitable printer for the job to actual digital printing. The following are some knowledge about digital printing from book printing company china:

Digital printing1 

Digital printing facts


1. One of the facts of digital printing is that this method is non-contact. The images, text and patterns produced are the result of the inkjet nozzles controlled by the computer. The nozzle sprays the required amount of ink onto the required area of the paper. The entire process is strictly managed by computer programs and hardware.

But sometimes this method may not be ideal, because the image must be perfectly replicated to every detail, with precise color matching. If the conversion process affects color files, the resulting shadow may not be exactly the same as the one selected before printing started.

Although digital printers continue to improve, they still cannot fully match the color quality and flexibility of traditional offset printers.


2. Another interesting fact, this process can be very environmentally friendly when water-based inks are used and no powder or paint is applied. Sometimes the cost of banning green altogether is high, but there are many ways to reduce costs without causing more damage to the environment than absolutely necessary.

So far, printing companies that use low volatile organic compounds and soy-based inks are the best way to ensure that green printing inks are used in your items.


3. The third fact of digital printing is that this process is faster than the offset printing process. The pre-press process requires less time and labor. Printing will start several days or weeks than offset printing, because with offset printing, a printing plate must be created before the first item can be printed. This can be very beneficial when faced with tight deadlines or urgent needs.


4. The fourth fact that may not be known is that this method does not involve any minimum order quantity, setup fee or printing plate cost. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the most cost-effective methods that can be selected. Some machines that use digital technology can not only print out materials, but also complete the final product at the same time.


However, the most important factors for printing is not cost but experience. Whenever someone tries something new, they make common mistakes. Experience can help us better complete a task and improve our skills in related fields. Regardless of the price, you should choose an experienced printer.


If you have any needs, Bookprintingchina as one of the professional book printers in china, we are willing to provide guidance and the best china printing service for you. Any questions you encounter should be fully answered, and our professional team will help you determine which methods, materials, inks and expertise can be used to obtain the desired response in your products.


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