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The importance of children's book printing

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“Children who grew up in homes with books may have more chances to learn about life and the universe, and to have new experiences through books. Or it could be because homes with books capture families with stronger cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.”

It is indeed very important to cultivate children's reading habits from an early age. Children who love to read are more likely to use their brains to think about problems. They will also have better learning ability after school in the future. Relatively speaking, they will have more stable emotions, a calmer personality, self-discipline, and a broad range of knowledge. If parents help their children to like reading from the beginning, after the children have a certain level of literacy at school, they can independently read a large number of books and acquire richer knowledge. This is crucial for the children's future success and various scientific achievements. important. To make children like reading, choosing is very important. Pay attention to two principles when choosing books. One is based on the age of the child, and the other is based on the child's interest.

How to choose suitable printing children's books for children to read? Different ages read different children books.

Although children around 1 year old cannot speak and have no literacy skills, they can properly "read" some fairy tale books. Parents can spend happy parent-child time with their children by reading aloud.

If your child is around 2 years old, you can start buying some picture books for your child. The characteristic of these books is that there are no words, like books that recognize animals and fruits, which are very suitable for children of this age. Two-year-old children basically already have a certain level of speaking ability. Parents can use these books to train their children’s language skills. Awareness of the world.

After the age of 3, the focus of book selection should shift from painting-based to character-based. The content of the story should be lively and interesting, with a moral and common sense explanation. It should be noted that literacy is secondary to the development of interest in reading. Don’t use picture storybooks as literacy workbooks, let alone replace reading with literacy.

Reminding: For children book printing before 3 years old. The picture should be colorful and bright.

Children before 3 years old basically like colorful picture books. Choosing such books can arouse children's curiosity and interest. After the books are bought, they are not only for children, but parents should read them as much as possible. Parents can set certain rules according to their family situation, such as sharing a picture book with her every day before the baby goes to bed. Secondly, don’t think of picture books as textbooks. If parents ask various questions every time they read or after reading, then children will regard reading as a class or exam. When listening to stories, they will constantly predict what they will be asked today. Questions, how to answer, and the enjoyment of stories will be greatly reduced. This is also the most effective way to make children hate reading.

Feel free to contact us to know how to custom children’s book printing. 

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