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The docking mode of digital printing machine and digital workflow

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The good docking of digital printing machine and digital workflow can realize automatic production, and real-time feedback of job information to ERP system enterprise folder printing. At present, there are mainly four docking modes, which are suitable for digital printers of different development degrees and ERP systems with different functions.


1. Hot folder mode

This mode is the simplest, but also the most uncontrollable mode. All digital printing presses support this mode. Using the hot folder mode, the digital workflow only needs to send files in the specified format to a fixed hot folder to achieve printing. However, parameters such as the number of copies, paper information, and binding method cannot be sent to the digital printing press in real time, and can only be set manually, and job information cannot be fed back to the ERP system in real time, which seriously affects the follow-up of job status and statistics of printing results.


2. JDF one-way mode

Using this mode, the digital workflow can directly send documents in the JDF standard format to the digital printing machine, including the file storage location, number of copies, color settings, paper information and other parameters, and control the digital printing machine to print, but not real-time Receive feedback from digital printing presses. This mode is suitable for digital printers with open JDF standards.


3. JDF-JMF mode

In this mode, the digital workflow sends documents in the JMF standard format to the digital printing machine, and communicates with the digital printing machine in real time to control the status of the digital printing machine and job scheduling. The digital printing machine will also feed back job information to the digital work in time. Process, so as to realize the real-time communication with the ERP system, which is convenient for monitoring the production progress.


4. MIME package mode

This mode is to pack files in PDF, JDF, and JMF standard formats related to the job into one file. The digital workflow sends the packaged files to the digital printing machine, and can directly receive feedback from the digital printing machine. But currently, most digital workflows do not support file packaging, which requires third-party file packaging tools. This model is a good choice for traditional China printing company that independently develop digital workflows.

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