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The difference between white cardboard and coated paper

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White cardboard and coated paper are two types of paper that are more commonly used in the printing industry. In the South, white card is called single powder, coated paper is called double powder, and matte copper is called matte powder. White cardboard has high stiffness and is suitable for single-sided printing. Coated paper has a smoother surface coating and is suitable for double-sided printing. So, what is the difference between these two types of paper? Now China Printing Company will take you to get to know about it.


White cardboard

White cardboard is a kind of thick paper that is firm, thick, and has a larger basis weight. In the past, some people planned to divide the basis on the basis of quantitative: paper, cardboard and cardboard; in the early years in Shanghai shopping malls, the white and thick paper with a basis weight of about 250g/m2 (the surface is smooth, calendered, and the stiffness is high. Some people call it thin cardboard. ), call weighing heavy paper. In fact, it is also a kind of paper jam. The more common cardboard is not colored, and it is called white cardboard. If it is colored, it is called color jam. Also called specialty paper.

The main purpose of white cardboard is to print business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, month desk calendars, and postal postcards.

White cardboard has high requirements for whiteness. The whiteness of grade A is not less than 93%, grade B is not less than 88%, and grade C is not less than 83%. The whiteness is over 90%, it is a bit "bright and dazzling".

White cardboard is also required to have high stiffness, burst resistance and smoothness (except for white cardboard with embossed patterns), the paper surface is flat, no streaks, spots and other paper defects, and no warpage The phenomenon of deformation occurs.


Coated paper

Single copper paper has bright surface, uniform coating and fast ink absorption. It has good printability and is suitable for delicate color printing. For the purpose of exquisite printing, the surface of the base paper is coated with paint, and is calendered by a super calender for ordinary coated paper.

Coated paper is also divided into double copper and single copper, double copper is available from 80 to 400gsm, and single copper is 170 to 400gsm. If it is called coated paper directly, it usually refers to double copper.

Double-coated paper is divided into single-sided and double-sided coated coated paper. According to the Japanese paper industry classification standard, its coating amount per side is about 10g/m2 or more. It is currently the most commonly used in cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding, and industrial and commercial industries. One of the paper types.

The surface of these two kinds of paper is very different, and the difference can be seen when put together. White cardboard is strong and thick, with high burst resistance, and is mostly used for packaging, cards and other products. The coated paper is bright and smooth, absorbs ink quickly, and has bright colors. It is mostly used for book illustrations and pasted box surfaces.

The thickness of ordinary white card paper is different from that of coated paper. The thickness of ordinary white card paper is generally 0.27-0.55mm, and the thickness of ordinary coated paper is between 0.06-0.46mm. Generally speaking, white card paper is thicker than coated paper. However, the coated paper of special specifications is thicker than that of white cards, so you have to choose according to your printing needs.


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