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The difference between Toppan Printing and gravure printing in book printing

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What are the differences between Toppan Printing and gravure printing, the following are some clarifications listed by professional printers in China.


1. Different principles


Toppan Printing: The principle of Toppan Printing is relatively simple. In Toppan Printing, the ink feeding device of the printing press first distributes the ink evenly, and then transfers the ink to the printing plate through the ink roller. Since the graphic part on the letterpress is much higher than the non-graphic part on the printing plate, therefore, The ink on the ink roller can only be transferred to the graphic part of the printing plate, and the non-graphic part has no ink.

Gravure printing: Gravure printing is a direct printing method that directly imprints the ink contained in the gravure pits onto the substrate. The shade of the printed picture is determined by the size and depth of the pits. Deeper pits will contain more ink, and the ink layer left on the substrate after imprinting will be thicker; on the contrary, if the pits are shallower, the amount of ink will be less, and the substrate will remain on the substrate after imprinting. The ink layer is thinner.


2. Different features


Toppan Printing: The ink is about 90% expressive, with rich colors. Strong color reproducibility. Strong page tolerance. The number of prints is huge. The application range of paper is wide, and materials other than paper can also be printed.

Gravure printing: anti-counterfeiting, gravure printing uses pits carved according to the original graphics to carry ink. The thickness of the lines and the intensity of the ink can be arbitrarily controlled during engraving, and it is not easy to be imitated and forged, especially the depth of the ink pits. The possibility of realistic engraving with printed pictures and texts is very small.

Therefore, current paper money, stamps, stocks and other securities are generally printed with intaglio printing, which has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. At present, some enterprises' trademarks and even packaging and decoration have consciously adopted gravure printing, which shows that gravure printing is a more vigorous anti-counterfeiting printing method.

It has a wide range, and general soft materials can be used as substrates for gravure printing. Such as plastic, paper, aluminum foil, etc., especially for some materials that are easy to stretch and deform, such as textile materials, etc., have good adaptability, which is unmatched by letterpress and planographic printing.

The printing quality is high, the gravure printing uses a large amount of ink, the graphics and text are convex, and the layers are rich, the lines are clear, and the quality is high. Most of the printing of books, magazines, magazines, packaging, etc. uses gravure printing.

Mass printing, gravure printing has a long plate-making cycle, high efficiency and high cost. But the printing plate is durable, so it is suitable for mass printing. The larger the batch, the higher the benefit, and the lower the benefit for printing with smaller batches. Therefore, the gravure method is not suitable for the printing of small batches of trademarks.


3. The scope of application is different


Toppan Printing: Engraving and gravure printing, because its lines are exquisite and not easy to counterfeit, are used in printing securities, such as banknotes, stocks, gift certificates, stamps, commercial credit certificates or stationery, etc.


Gravure printing: Gravure printing is mainly used for fine publications such as magazines and product catalogs, packaging printing and printing of securities such as banknotes and stamps, and it is also used in special fields such as decorative materials; now in China printing company, gravure printing is mainly used for flexible packaging Printing, with the development of domestic gravure printing technology, has also been widely used in paper packaging, wood grain decoration, leather materials, and pharmaceutical packaging.


After reading this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of Toppan Printing and gravure printing. If you have any printing needs, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with the best China printing service.

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