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The Charm of Bible Book Printing

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 The bible book printing which is a popular all around the world book.

It is a world-known book, the most circulated book ——was sold out 585,000,000 copies in 1998. It is the book most translated into words.

 By the end of 1998, the <<Bible book >>had been fully or partially translated into 2212 languages (366 languages had full Bible book, 928 New languages had Testament Bible, 918 languages were only single Bible),There are also 1,500 languages being translation, so its readers are worldwide and influential. 


<<The Bible Book>> is even more a grand encyclopedia book(containing astronomy, Geography, Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, Philosophy, Aesthetics, Religion, Military, History, Politics, Economics, Folklore, Law, Linguistics, Literature, etc,) Especially it is famous for its literature and art in the world, many writers and artists at home and abroad have searched for materials from the <<the Bible Book>>, and extract "nutrients" to make their works have immortal influence.For example: from Leonardo da Vinci 's <<Last Supper >>,to Michelangelo' s <<Last Trials>>; from Hendel 's <<Messiah>> to the Genesis of <<Haydn>>; from Dante' s <<Divine Comedy >>to Paradise<< Lost>>; from Shakespeare 's <<Merchant of Venice>>to Tolstoy' s <<Resurrection>>.

<<The Bible Book>> which is a book admired by great men:

 Lincoln, the 16th US president, once lamented said that,”<<the bible book >>is  the best gift from God to human, and all the goodness of the saviour are from the book.”the 26th President of US Roosevelt said,”Practice the Holy Bible Book are over than college education”,The great French writer Hugo once said: "Britain has two books, the  <<Bible Book>> and <<Shakespeare>>, and Britain created Shakespeare, but the Bible created Britain." ;"If Shakespeare comes in, we should stand up in salute, and should all kneel if the Lord Jesus enters," said English Prose Master Lamb.Irish writer Dr. Barclays:” There is no end to reading the <<Bible Book>>, how much skill you have, you can get how much knowledge from the Bible.The Bible can supply every person who reads for needs.”

The purity of the <<The Bible Book>>:

 (Psalm 12: 6, the word of the LORD is pure, as silver has tempered seven times in the mud furnace, maxim 30: 5-6: God's words, which are all pure, go and seek refuge with he, will be their shield. His words, you can not add, I am afraid he blame you, you will show a lie.

 Lincoln's mother said, "Instead of leaving their children a bible book than hundred hectares of land." the Bible transcends its golden value.


 In dangerous difficulties, he (the Bible) has safe words; suffering has comfort; the dark, his oracle constantly repeated in the crowd, his advice whispered in the ears of the lonely, evil and proud people fear his warning, yet sad and repentance people can hear his mother-loving words, with this treasure, no poverty and desolation, when the sky is dark and rugged.

 On September 7,1864, the black group sent the Bible to Lincoln. Lincoln said, " I have no doubt about this great book! He is the best gift from God to human, and all the beauty to the world is give us, without whom mankind will not know right or wrong" ; Indian leader Gandhi said: " With Jesus ' seven pages of the sermon, Christianity has full existence. In my life, the biggest influence on me is the Bible."

If you need to find a professional China printing company to print your Bible, please contact us freely, we will provide you with the best quality Bible printing service in China.

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