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The characteristics and material requirements of sticker printing

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Sticker printing film or other special materials are used as fabrics, and the back is coated with a composite material printed on a silicon protective base paper, which can bond where customers need to be bonded. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the expansion of stickers, trademarks, signs and nameplates has a relatively large market, bringing unlimited business opportunities for stickers.

A printing method that does not need to be applied before printing using offset printing is widely used in printing methods. In the post-printing process, it is also necessary to pass the necessary cutting. When the design is special, there will be some special processing technology, and there will be a reel printing method, and the reel printing can form an image once. Printing, film, hot stamping, die cutting, etc.

Sticker printing, because the main printed products are mainly commodity labels, sticker printing, so it can be called trademark printing. Non-adhesive printing, using special composite paper, this article must be prefabricated by a paper processing plant, coated with a layer of self-adhesive, easy-to-peel anti-adhesive paper attached to the back of the carrier. After printing, use the knife line to print, peel the teeth excessively, and leave a certain shape of the printed matter on the anti-sticking paper.

Stickers are characterized by a wide range of applications, which can be used for food and beverages, daily splicing, household appliances, cultural and educational supplies, etc., and price tags can also be used in commodity recycling and clothing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Easy to paste. Durable. It is viscous, strong, flexible, heat-resistant and easy to age. Small investment, fast, non-sticky printing is mostly trademarks and sticky patterns, small web pages, commercial printers complete multi-color printing, film, online die-cutting, automatic exhaust, thermal printing and other processes, the printing speed is also fast and wasteful less.

It can be divided into non-drying, copper plate is self-adhesive, it is printed and copied, low cost, and is often used for large-volume bottle box labels, outer box labels, and color labels. PVC material is a sticker, good waterproof performance, not easy to tear, commonly used in shower gel, shampoo and other products, aluminum alloy foil, high temperature, ductility, can be used for steel stamp or pencil printing, mainly used for boilers, label mechanical heating components . Fluorescent paper, good color saturation, night light visibility, mostly used for night market sign stickers. Washing paper, rough surface, non-reflective, easy to write, identification, barcode or warning label for electronic products.

Due to some simple features of sticker printing, stickers quickly printed quickly to take their place in the market, replacing traditional trademarks, and have become an indispensable decoration. If you have any China sticker printing needs, please feel free to contact bookprintingchina.com. We are a professional China printing company and can provide you with the best China printing service.

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