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The benefits of paper box printing surface processing technology

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Generally speaking, paper box printing requires some special processing, such as glossy glue, matte glue, glossy oil, etc. Generally, it is based on the following factors:

1. Protect the color of the printed matter. The color box wrapping paper is printed with ink. Under the action of ultraviolet rays, it is easy to discolor the printed matter.

2. The waterproof effect is good, because the gift box printing is a paper product, in order to prevent water from rotting;

Improve the brightness of the product, after special surface treatment, make the product soft and rough. more attractive to consumers.


Paper box printing surface treatment process:

The advantages of the present invention are waterproof, storage resistance and beautiful appearance. Coating glue refers to a glue that binds the bopp film to the paper. At present, there are two ways to touch the printing and packaging products in China printing company. One is water-based paint and oil-based paint. At present, water-based paint is the main coating method. Water-based paint is based on the concept of environmental protection, and its effect is slightly worse than oil-based paint.


There are also two types of laminating materials for custom paper boxprinting:

1. Light film: The light film itself is relatively bright, and the surface of the color box packaging box is shiny after being covered with the light film.

2. Matte film: Matte film is a foggy surface, and matte film is a polished surface after coating.


At present, the hot stamping method of color boxprintingis electrochemical aluminum foil hot stamping. The main methods are heating and pressing. The text of the text box is transferred to the surface of the printed wrapping paper. Gold, silver, green, blue, laser and other colors are called bronzing.

The characteristics of bronzing are clear pattern, beautiful appearance, bright color and wear resistance. In wine box printing, the application of bronzing technology accounts for more than 85%, and in commercial packaging production, it has also been widely used. It can be used to highlight products, highlight themes, show dignity, etc., especially for trademarks, logos, business names, etc. that need to be particularly prominent.

Concave and convex stamping is an important process in the post-package printing process, and it is a printing method without ink. When pressing the concave and convex, use a set of intaglio and letterpress corresponding to the yin and yang of the text, place the printed matter in the middle, and then apply greater pressure to squeeze the relief intaglio and letterpress graphics. This method is mostly used for printing and processing after color box packaging, such as packaging boxes, trademarks, cigarette bags, annual cards, wine bottle labels, etc., to achieve a vivid and beautiful three-dimensional effect. Correct use of the embossing process can improve the level of printed patterns and play a key role in packaging products. This process is costly in post-print surface treatment.

UV grinding is a post-press process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and solidify ink. It requires uv ink containing photosensitizer to be used with uv curing lamp. UV technology transmits patterns and texts to the surface of the printed wrapping paper through UV, making it distinctive, especially for local prints such as trademarks, logos, and corporate names.

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