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The Artistic Beauty Of Children's Book Printing

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The artist beauty of children's book printing

Children's book printing focuses on the colorful world and endless innocence.

When reading children's books, people will also lament the overall artistic beauty. From the perspective of production process and raw material use, children's books include various printing process technologies and raw materials. The use of them endows children's books with vivid effects from content to form, realizing the perfect combination of fun, practicality and readability.

In terms of the design concept of children's book printing, in addition to maintaining the reading characteristics of books, more attention should be paid to their entertainment and fun.

Install different accessories

Install different accessories on the book to attract children's attention and guide reading and learning. Such as various sound book printing, pop-up book, flip book printing, etc. Books should attract children to read, try not to be boring, but full of fun and surprises.

Paper remains the primary material for printing children's books. In addition, printed materials such as fabric, plastic and wood are also widely used.

Paper selection

Paper materials are mainly offset paper and coated paper. This kind of paper has the advantages of high smoothness, strong water resistance, and strong image reproduction ability. Most children's books have beautiful pictures that make them easier to read.

At present, most of the common children's books in China are printed by offset printing technology, such as story books and picture books. Due to the mature offset printing technology and exquisite printing quality, the perfect restoration of image color can be achieved, and the mass production printing cost is low.

Green light paper has become a new choice for children's book printing paper. Compared with coated paper, light paper feels comfortable, light in weight, and is more suitable for children to read, and it is pressed with wood pulp, which is more environmentally friendly and healthy.

Ink selection

Traditional ink has a strong pungent smell, and long-term breathing will endanger human health and damage the environment. It is neither environmentally friendly nor easy to decolorize.

Therefore, many books are currently printed with soybean ink, which is safe, non-toxic, tasteless, bright in color, environmentally friendly and renewable. Most importantly, it will not have any effect on the body.

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