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The anti-counterfeiting ink for anti-counterfeiting sticker

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Anti-counterfeiting labels, also known as anti-counterfeiting trademarks, are signs that can be pasted, printed, or transferred on the surface of the subject matter, the packaging of the subject matter, or attachments of the subject matter (such as product listings, business cards, and anti-counterfeiting certificates). The anti-counterfeiting features and identification methods of anti-counterfeiting labels are the soul of anti-counterfeiting labels. Anti-counterfeiting is the preventive measures taken to prevent imitation or copying activities for the purpose of deception and without the permission of the owner. Now let me introduce the anti-counterfeiting ink for anti-counterfeiting sticker printing in China printing company.


1. UV fluorescent ink

Special ink that can emit visible light under ultraviolet light.


2. Daylight activated color-changing anti-counterfeiting ink

Anti-counterfeiting printing ink that can emit visible light under sunlight. The color changing effect can be changed from colorless to purple, blue, yellow, etc., or it can be designed to change from colored to colorless.


3. Thermal anti-counterfeiting ink (also known as thermochromic anti-counterfeiting ink)

Under the action of heating, the ink that can change the color effect. According to the temperature required for discoloration, it can be divided into hand-temperature color-changing anti-counterfeiting ink and high-temperature color-changing anti-counterfeiting ink. According to the difference of color changing methods, it can be divided into single-color-changing reversible, multi-color-changing irreversible and multi-color-changing irreversible thermosensitive anti-counterfeiting inks.

4. Reaction color ink

Various chemical substances added to the ink can undergo various chemical reactions under certain conditions, so that the ink can change the color and achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. A part of heat-sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink, pressure-sensitive color-changing ink and moisture-sensitive color-changing ink are all color-changing inks.

5. Magnetic ink

It is a special ink made by mixing magnetic iron oxide powder into the ink. At this stage, it is mainly used to print the magnetic coded characters and symbols of bank notes. It has the function of recording and storing information. Put the ticket printed with the magnetic code into the magnetic code reader to identify the authenticity.

6. In addition to correction ink

If the corresponding part is altered, some kind of password will appear. This kind of ink is mainly used to print securities such as checks, bills of exchange, and bills. If someone alters or erases the denomination numbers of the bill of exchange, the word “Void” will appear immediately.

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