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The advantages and disadvantages of offset and embossing in book printing

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First of all, offset printing is different from embossing and gravure printing. It is an indirect printing method. It has all the characteristics of indirect printing, that is, printing does not directly contact the paper. The relative friction between the printing plate and the blanket is relative to the printing plate and the paper. It is said to be small (the surface of the offset paper is rougher than the surface of the blanket), which can reduce the abrasion of the printing plate and improve the resistance of the printing plate.


Secondly, compared with the printing pressure of embossing and gravure printing, the printing pressure of offset printing is much smaller. Whether the offset printing blanket is imprinted with the plate cylinder or the impression cylinder, it will play a role as a "packing lining". The dual function of imprinting; the surface characteristics of offset printing plates are different from those of embossing and gravure printing plates. The surface of embossing and gravure printing plates is generally a metal surface with greater hardness and strength, while the layout of offset printing plates The image and text part of is divided into a thin layer of resin, its hardness and strength are relatively small.


Third, compared with embossing and gravure printing, offset printing is an indirect printing method with a thinner printing ink layer. In addition, offset printing has a water dampening system. However, embossing and gravure printing do not. Due to the influence of the dampening solution of the dampening system, the offset ink color is "flat" and "lighter". Offset printing is suitable for printing paper and is the most important equipment for the books, magazines and packaging boxes in China printing company.


Embossing is divided into embossing resin plate printing and embossing flexographic printing. Embossing resin plate printing is mainly used for self-adhesive printing. This type of equipment is printed on roll printing equipment, using UV ink, and has high production efficiency. Topographic flexographic printing is mainly used to produce cigarette cases, paper cups, packaging boxes, and packaging boxes. Water-based ink, high production efficiency. But in terms of plates and consumables, the cost of offset printing is low. But the different custom printing China processes in the printing industry have different advantages. For example, for self-adhesive printing, the advantages of letterpress printing machines are much more obvious than those of offset printing, mainly because of high efficiency, which saves a lot of labor costs and waste. It also meets the requirements of customers.

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