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Talking about the stickers printing process

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The stickers printing is to print trademarks, labels, and advertising layout patterns on special composite paper. The composite paper is a good quality surface paper (back) coated with self-adhesive water and then adhered to the surface with wax. On the bottom paper. When in use, the backing paper is peeled off, the self-adhesive paper printed with graphics and text can be directly pasted on commodities or other objects. Since the stickers printing matter has the advantages of easy peeling, strong stickiness, flexible use, wide adaptability, and convenient for continuous pasting, it is widely used in social and economic life and has a very broad market.

black-barcode-label-sticker-cutting-machine-adhesiveThe direction of the paper during the web stickers printing is different from that of the general printing method. It realizes the overprinting by the axial jump movement. That is, three sets of printing plates are installed on the printing plate cylinder at the same time. When the self-adhesive paper jumps on the imprinting platform, the printing plate cylinder reciprocates once in the horizontal direction to realize one color printing. To print three-color overprinted labels, the self-adhesive paper must be moved three times on the platform to complete the full-page overprinting work.


The advantage of this printing structure is that it simplifies the structure of the equipment and reduces the volume of the machine. However, due to the short printing stroke, the printed product is not easy to dry, which is not conducive to the completion of large-area wet press and wet overprinting, and is more suitable for small area overprinting. Or overprint. From the point of view of the embossing structure, the printing quality of the circular flattening self-adhesive machine is better than that of the flat flattening machine, especially in the aspect of printing the solid layout, which can achieve the good effect of uniform and thick ink layer. However, the self-adhesive machine with a flat-pressing structure can easily make the layout (printed product) show an “oily” ink layer when printing a large-area solid plate, and the printing quality is not satisfactory, which is only suitable for small-format printing. After printing, the self-adhesive products can also be online for bronzing, laminating, die cutting and slitting.


For stickers that work online at the same time, the layout design should fully consider the characteristics of the equipment, and try to avoid large-area solid layout overprinting, so that printing, bronzing, and laminating can achieve better results.


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