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Some ways to choose children book for your kids

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children book

The process of selecting books requires the guidance of parents and respect for children's interests and children's perspectives.


A basic principle here is:

Respect the child's choice in the part where the child has the ability to make a choice.

In the part where the child is unable to make a choice, help him optimize the choice.


Scientists’ research on children’s picture book reading shows that when children choose their favorite picture books:

"Mainly affected by factors such as internal experience, plot, personal interest and experience, and character image.

In addition, the cover and subject matter of picture books affect children's choice of picture books to a certain extent.

However, the influence of artistic style, modeling, drawing techniques, and formatting on the selection of children's picture books is relatively low.

Based on repeated study of children's viewpoints, the analysis framework of this research is sorted out. "


In other words, in the selection of picture books, parents can respect their children's interests as much as possible in terms of plot and character preferences.


Did you notice? Generally speaking, children's book printing in China, especially children's book printing for children aged 0-6, their book printing process is very simple. Because in the children book printing, if it with too much printing technology are not safe for children.

In addition, parents can personally bring their children to the bookstore to buy children's books. Parents personally understand the quality of children's book printing, and see whether the material, binding and paper of the book are safe for children. Although online shopping is very convenient and many children's book reviews can be found online, please remember that how to judge whether a children's book is printed is not because of the recommendation of some KOLs or the number of reviews.


Children's books are a bridge for children to explore the world. Children's books are a medium to stimulate children's curiosity. Let us accompany our children and parents to study together and grow up together. Contact us freely to learn more about printing childrens books.

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