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Some views on new technology of sticker printing industry

Time: 2022-01-14 Hits: 131


1. The world's most popular star industry: RPID wireless radio frequency intelligent stickers

Speaking of new technological trends, we must first talk about the production of RPID wireless radio frequency intelligent stickers. After five years of cooperation and development by more than a dozen companies such as Mark Andy, Texas Instruments, etc., the in-line production of printed antennas and packaging has finally been realized on the Mark Andy flexographic printing machine. It has been fully commercialized, and there are more than 10 in North America. The line is operating normally. The method of printing conductive ink and in-line packaging not only reduces the cost of RFID intelligent stickers, but also has the basis for high efficiency and mass production, meeting the huge needs of the future logistics field. This new technology also provides unprecedented opportunities for the sticker printing industry. Huge development opportunities.


2. The role of new digital technology in the sticker industry

In the domestic daily chemical industry, large suppliers such as Procter & Gamble have switched from direct screens to self-adhesive and shrink film stickers in the past few years, which has doubled the number of stickers in the daily chemical industry. However, with the stability of the business, this growth The speed will not continue, and another area of logistics that is not noticed by everyone is quietly developing. In foreign countries, thermal paper and printing paper are very simple in circulation and promotion, but sometimes the requirements for product tracking involve variable codes. Or the anti-counterfeiting requirements involve the search code, and the sticker needs to be printed twice, and even the direct variable and personalized printing is directly related to digital technology.

With zero inventory requirements, a short-run printing business has emerged, and digital printing can meet this demand. Variable information stickers and traditional printing combined with variable codes also belong to the category of digital applications. In the field of logistics and anti-counterfeiting, the demand for traditional printing combined with digital printing is growing rapidly. The domestic market has begun to take shape. This type of business The most important difference from pure short-run digital printing is that the business volume is very large, but the profits are also high. In line with the domestic logistics and anti-counterfeiting market, the application of digital technology in stickers is worthy of our attention.

With the continuous maturity of digital printing technology and the gradual expansion of application areas, especially the emergence of post-press processing units that are matched with digital printing systems, the development of digital sticker printers in China is just around the corner.


3. The status quo of domestic sticker printing and new market demand

With the development of market economy, especially the demand of packaging industry and anti-counterfeiting industry, the China sticker printing market has maintained a sustained high growth momentum in recent years, with an average annual growth rate of 15-20%. This is other packaging Unmatched by the printing industry. China sticker printing has become quite large. At present, there are more than 4,000 companies engaged in sticker printing across the country, with an annual output of 1 billion square meters.

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