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Some skills about book printing, typesetting and design

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Some skills about book printing, typesetting and design.



An important part of book printing is design and typesetting. Generally, the typesetting of book edition is processed in batch by using some software. As long as a command is given, no matter how many pages there are, it will be automatically arranged and aligned, and the need to make up is automatic. This requires the design of documents.


There are some problems about design that need to be paid attention to.


Let's take photos or painting books for example. There are many pictures in the art book printing, and the setting of picture color is particularly important. The first is the color format of pictures, which generally has RGB, CMYK and gray mode. RGB, "R" is red; "G" means green; "B" means blue. The color of this type will be bright. CMYK, "C" is sky blue, "m" is magenta, "Y" is yellow, "K" is black. Its color is saturated, but relatively dark. In general, when printing, any pictures and photos must be in CMYK format, so it is not easy to change the color during printing. Some offset printing examples use RGB format, and the printing effect is quite different. The other is grayscale, that is, black and white. When processing pictures, the grayscale mode must adjust the level and contrast.


There is also the resolution. Resolution is the amount of pixels per square inch. When printing, the picture must have 300ppi, and mosaic will appear if it is lower than 300 ppi. However, the higher the resolution, the better. 300 to 400 resolutions are enough. Generally, the larger the picture, the lower the resolution.


In addition, it should be noted that the number of pages should be considered when designing a book with saddle stitching binding. The number of pages must be a multiple of 4. If it is a book with plastic bags, it can be used at will. When designing envelopes and packing boxes, they must be unfolded to measure the size and pay attention to bleeding, which is generally 2-3 mm on each side.


When it comes to design, some design software will be involved:


PS, this is a picture processing software. Its advantage is that it can see the resolution and size clearly; Can process pictures and modify pictures at will; Able to layer pictures. The disadvantage is large capacity, inflexible text layout and word processing.


CDR has the advantage of vector (the vector that does not increase the capacity when the picture is infinitely enlarged is the vector, and the vector that increases the capacity when the picture is infinitely enlarged is the vector). The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to arrange multiple pages of books and periodicals; Batch typesetting is troublesome.


When designing with CDR, if you want to publish, you must pay attention to the following three points: first, pictures must be transformed into lattice; The second is to turn the curve, mainly to avoid character recognition; Third, the high version is changed to the low version, which can avoid the problem of being unable to open.


There is also the commonly used AI (Adobe Illustrator) or InDesign. As long as the source file of the design number is output as a PDF that meets the printing requirements.


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