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Some knowledge about sticker printing

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(1) What should pay attention to when printing gold and silver inks on stickers hot stamping labels? Below is the points from printers in China.


Nowadays, it is very common to print gold and silver on sticker printing China. However, when printing gold or silver ink on coated paper or whiteboard paper with strong ink absorption, if it is not handled properly, the imprinting will be weak, and the gold or silver powder will fall off with a light rub. This is mainly because when printing gold and silver ink on paper with strong absorption, the binder in the gold and silver ink penetrates into the inside of the paper, which results in the reduction of film-forming substances in the ink and the accumulation of gold and silver powder on the surface of the paper. There is a phenomenon of weak imprinting.


When printing gold and silver inks on stickers hot stamping labels, dry oil should not be used too much. The addition of dry oil should be used flexibly according to factors such as climate and paper. Red dry oil has a strong surface film-forming property. If it is added too much, it may cause the ink to crust too fast, and the imprint cannot be really dried, and the binder will be slowly and completely absorbed by the paper fiber. When preparing gold and silver ink, the ratio of gold (silver) powder to gold (silver) oil should be determined according to the actual situation (such as paper smoothness, uniformity, ink absorption, etc.).

Gold adjusting oil is composed of phenolic resin, dry oil, mineral oil, etc. Increasing the proportion of gold blending oil will increase the overall liquidity and transferability of gold ink. If the proportion of gold blending oil is too large, the luster of gold and silver ink will also decrease. Although increasing the gold powder will increase the luster of the gold ink, it will also reduce the transfer performance of the gold ink.


(2) How many bronzing processes are available for sticker printing?


Sticker printing has a variety of bronzing processes: cold bronzing, round bronzing, flat bronzing and other processes.

According to the processing method of the sticker label, the hot stamping method is divided into single sheet hot stamping and roll paper hot stamping. Sheet paper bronzing is the same as the traditional bronzing process, which is processed on a dedicated bronzing machine. Roll paper bronzing is done on the label linkage, which is the most widely used processing method. According to the hot stamping sequence of the sticker label, it can also be divided into first hot stamping process and post hot stamping process. First hot stamping refers to the first hot stamping on the labeling machine and then printing; the second hot stamping refers to the first printing and then the last hot stamping. The key to hot stamping and hot stamping is the drying of the ink. Different inks are used, so different bronzing processes must be used. Post bronzing is an ideal method, which also brings convenience to label graphic design and expands the application range of bronzing graphic. However, due to the limitations of the equipment's functions, its cost is relatively high. The first bronzing process is suitable for the processing of small labels with simple graphics and text, with low cost and a wide range of applications. It is a commonly used method in small and medium-sized China printing company.

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