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Six factors that affect the book printing effect of paper

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At BookPrintingChina, a China printing company, we deal with paper every day, especially in every process of hardcover printing and binding. We can know and pay attention to the characteristics of paper and get results of high quality and cheapest hardcover printing China.


1. Thickness: refers to the thickness of the paper. The thickness of the paper should be uniform, otherwise the printing effect will be significantly different. BookPrintingChina has solved this problem when purchasing paper for hardcover books. The bulk of each hardcover product must be purchased according to the standard bulk of the brand and type. The necessary work of our warehousing department every day is to measure the newly stored paper. Bulk, to ensure the real bulk of the paper at the source.


2. Tightness: Tightness refers to the degree of looseness or tightness of the paper structure, also known as specific gravity or volume. Tightness is closely related to ink absorption and smoothness. Generally, the ink absorption of paper decreases with the increase of tightness, so paper with high tightness should use oxidative conjunctival drying ink. Paying attention to the tightness of the paper is consistent with the bulk. In the printing machine room of BookPrintingChina, the technicians will use their own experience to evaluate the state of the paper before each paper is put on the machine, and properly adjust various implementation indicators such as printing ink.


3. Smoothness: Smoothness refers to the smoothness and smoothness of the surface of the paper. The smoothness determines the tightness of the contact between the paper and the blanket. Obviously, the clarity of images and texts printed on paper with poor smoothness will be affected. Appropriate smoothness is conducive to the reflection of printing color effects. According to the color requirements of each hardcover book printing, choose paper with reasonable smoothness.


4. The degree of dust: dust degree refers to the existence of black and non-black spots on the surface of the paper that are different from the color of the paper. In offset printing, the restrictions on dust are mainly determined according to the requirements of the printed matter, such as when printing portraits, maps, photographic albums, books and other hardcover book printing products are not allowed to have large dust and black dust spots, so as not to cause other adverse effects.


5. Moisture content (degree): Moisture content refers to the moisture content of a certain weight of paper that is in equilibrium with the relative humidity of the environment at room temperature, also known as moisture content, or moisture for short. Generally, the moisture content of offset printing paper is 6% to 8%. If the water content of the paper is too high, the tensile strength and surface strength will be reduced, the plasticity will be enhanced, and the curing of the ink film at the printing speed will be delayed. Therefore, in the actual hardcover book printing work and the post-press processing process, the moisture content of the paper or printed sheet must be professionally controlled, and reasonable dehumidification or humidification can have a certain impact on the actual effect of the product.


6. PH: pH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of paper (represented by pH). The pH of the paper is an important factor that inhibits or accelerates the drying of the ink or affects the pH value of the dampening fluid, and also affects the durability of the printed matter (ink fading).


The above are the six factors that printers in China summed up that paper affects the printing effect. I hope it will help you. If you have any printing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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