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Several non-paper cover materials for hardcover book printing

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Making hardcover books in China printing company involves more than just a variety of paper materials. For example, the following common non-paper materials can be used to make hardcover book covers.


The first is silk fabrics, which are commonly used binding cloths, dense cotton, linen, man-made fibers, etc., and also include smooth tussah, velvet, polyester, etc. Book binding craftsmen in China printing company can choose different but suitable fabrics according to the content and functional needs of their books. If it is a hardcover book that is frequently flipped through, I would recommend that you prioritize sturdy fabric mounting. If it is to express the high-end smooth and delicate style, you can choose smooth silk fabrics. Often in daily design concepts, the fabrics of some clothing are also directly used to make the cover of hardcover books, such as the texture and thread of denim fabrics, and the most commonly used binding fabrics with denim textures.

The second is artificial leather and polyvinyl chloride. The coatings of these two materials can be used for scrubbing and hot stamping. They are not only convenient to process but also affordable, so they are common materials for Chinese printers to make hardcover book covers, such as some combination of several or a dozen sets of hardcover books will use this type of material.

The third is wood, wood is used to make hardcover book covers? You may not think it is very common, but in the long history of book binding, there are countless books and periodicals with wood covers. Today, this mounting method has also been loved by many book binding artists, and is often used for some traditional book binding. Due to the high price of wood, the complex processing will make many printing and binding manufacturers worry about it, but the wood material has a very unique expressive force in the design effect of the book binding cover, which improves the overall quality and grade of hardcover books. will play a big role.

The fourth is leather. Leather has always been expensive as a binding material for hardcover books, and it is also difficult to process. The printers in China only use it on custom hardcover book printingin small batches that need to be treasured. Nowadays, artificial leather is generally used, because artificial leather can be said to be superior to genuine leather in terms of cost-effectiveness. It is also out of the principle of protecting animals. So, printers in China do not advocate using genuine leather to make hardcover book covers.

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