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Several details needing attention in the wire-o book printing

Time: 2021-12-02 Hits: 53

Compared with other bound notebooks, wire-o notebooks are more popular because the inner pages can be increased, decreased and adjusted at any time as needed. In particular, it is more convenient to quickly record the meeting minutes when the meeting is held, because the records are scattered.


However, the wire-o book printing also has disadvantages, mainly that the inner page is easy to fall and lose, and it is not convenient to turn the page. At present, most notebooks are gifts, which often affect the image of the enterprise to a certain extent. Therefore, the following details must be paid attention to in the printing and production of wire-o notebook:



Page turning and off page


Due to the non sealing and looseness of the coil itself, and for the convenience of tearing part of the shorthand content, the inner page can be torn off. If the recorded content page falls off and is lost, it will often cause unnecessary trouble. Therefore, this issue needs special attention.


Cover stocks


At present, the notebook printing cover paper includes cardboard, cardboard and coated paper, and the inner page is generally written paper. The main cover materials have their own characteristics. Cardboard has poor printing performance because of its strong oil absorption, but it is cheap and durable. The cardboard is durable and the printing effect is easy to reflect, but it is inconvenient to turn the page, which is easy to cause the falling off of the inner page and the damage of the coil. Coated paper is the most widely used at present. It has the advantages of card paper and cardboard. In addition, the paper itself is relatively soft, so the inner page falls off better.


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