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Selection of large format inkjet printing equipment (Part 2)

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Large-format inkjet printing equipment is a professional-grade precision output equipment, which is very valuable. The selection of printing equipment should pay attention to the following points.

1. Don't choose the expensive one, only choose the right one

Generally speaking, the user should choose the equipment type and specification according to the nature of the work and the actual needs of the business. At the same time, it is necessary to consider whether the main purpose of the device is mainly color image output (such as poster printing) or text output. (such as banner printing)


2. Try to choose a brand machine

Because the after-sales service and quality of large-format inkjet equipment of brand manufacturers are guaranteed. If you purchase inkjet printing equipment for the first time, you need to train skilled technicians, so perfect after-sales service is absolutely essential. The products of brand manufacturers have excellent quality assurance and technical support capabilities.

When purchasing a large-format inkjet printer, you must first accurately understand your work characteristics and daily operation requirements. For example, you should consider the maximum size of the printed image, the resolution of the printed image, and the daily print volume. How big is it, whether unattended printing is required and what capacity of ink tanks should be used?


3. Comprehensive consideration of equipment performance parameters

The main performance indicators of large-format color inkjet printing equipment are speed, resolution, maximum printing format and continuous printing length. When purchasing, you should still focus on the print quality and output speed of the inkjet equipment, and don't over-pursue the perfection of the parameters, just enough for the user. Generally speaking, the resolution and speed of inkjet printing devices are inversely proportional. Therefore, when purchasing, you cannot simply consider a certain factor, but should take into account the inkjet quality and speed, and find a balance between the two.


In the process of selecting inkjet printing equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the performance indicators of some equipment. For example, in the fields of CAD and GIS, only the printing accuracy of 2 880 dpi × 1 440 dpi and the paper feeding accuracy of 0.1 mm/m can make high-definition drawings reproduce accurately. The printing quality and work efficiency of large-format printers have become the most important issues for users. In addition, the limitations of the existing technology must be considered. For example, environmentally friendly solvent-based inkjet printers generally can only use a limited variety of non-coated materials. If coating materials are used, the cost is too high.

4. Select consumables and supporting hardware

Because large-format inkjet printing equipment is a professional-grade fine output device, it is particularly strict in the use of consumables, especially for large-format printing equipment, the consumption of consumables is very large. If you use counterfeit or inferior printing consumables, or compatible or filling consumables, it will not only seriously affect the poster printing quality, but also cause different degrees of damage to the equipment, and the later maintenance costs will be high. Therefore, when selecting consumables, users should fully consider the requirements and compatibility of the equipment for printing media, and consider factors such as printing costs. It is recommended to use original consumables from brand products.


In addition, inkjet printing also needs to provide a strong hardware environment support. In large-format inkjet printing, the files being processed are very large, requiring powerful workflow and processor capabilities, as well as some specialized techniques. For the parameter requirements of the core components, the main frequency of the CPU is generally above 200 MHz, the memory is generally between 4 and 72 MB, and the capacity of the hard disk is between 2 and 4 GB. Of course, the performance of network connection depends on the type and standard of the built-in network card, which network protocols the device can support, and whether it can be used to connect to distributed networking solutions such as workstations, PCs, minicomputers, and even mainframes. These technical performance indicators are also related to the job speed and management performance of large-format inkjet printing equipment.


Our country's inkjet printing market is still relatively narrow, mostly confined to a few fields such as advertising, signage, and flags. China's inkjet printing market is relatively lagging behind, but on the other hand, there is still considerable room for market improvement.


concluding remarks

With the continuous growth of people's demand for high-quality color images and the improvement of inkjet technology, the large-format inkjet printing market is rapidly formed and continues to expand to related application fields. It can be said that of all the potential value-added services that commercial China printing company can provide, large-format printing is the most potential and the most easily overlooked. Currently, not only commercial printing companies, but also many prepress companies, commercial photography and publishing companies are investing in and benefiting from large format printing. Therefore, enterprises should remain sensitive and forward-looking, seize opportunities, and vigorously develop new businesses in the large-format printing market.

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