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Reasons For Printing Different Batches Of Books Printing

Time: 2022-10-12 Hits: 79

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In China printing services, when we printing books, we find that there are always some differences in the colors of different batches of products. Sometimes the differences are small. We should have a careful look before looking. Sometimes the color difference is very obvious. Why is this?

1.The difference on the paper.

Since sometimes a factory does not necessarily cooperate with only one paper supplier, the paper produced by different manufacturers may have different paper supply, so different effects may be produced after production and printing.

2.Difference in ink.

Different batches of ink suppliers will also have slight differences, but the impact will not be great.

After books printing with ink, the ink must be adjusted and added again, which will also cause color difference.

3. Climate and temperature. 

When the book printing factory printing the books. If the temperature difference is large, it will also cause color difference. So in order to reduce chromatic aberration, most printing factories will test the temperature of workshop and adjust suitable temperature before printing the books.

4. Everyone may see different colors,so it is normal to have color deviation.

There may be many factors causing color difference, some of which are unavoidable. What we can do is to reduce the degree of color difference and improve the quality of products. This is why the finished product acceptance standard of the printing industry stipulates that orders with a printing color difference within 10% of each value error of C.M.Y.K are normal orders.

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