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Process of Hardcover Book Printing

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To this end, the following will introduce some basic knowledge of hardcover book printing.


The role of binding: The binding process undertakes the final decorative processing task of printed books and periodicals, which is related to the use value, reading value and collection value of books and periodicals. Therefore, binding is a very important processing step in the packaging of printed matter.

Hardcover process

Hardcover refers to a refined production method after a book is printed. Hardcover books are mainly made of various shapes on the cover of the book, the back of the book block and the corner of the book. There are various processing methods and forms, such as book block processing, such as rounded ridges or rounded ridges, square backs, square corners and rounded corners, etc.; cover processing is divided into whole face, joint face, etc.

The processing process of the hardcover book center is the same as the binding method of the paperback book center in terms of folding, matching and binding. In addition, the special processing of the hardcover book center must be carried out.

Folding → sticking ring lining, single page → book matching → sewing → flattening, bundling → brushing and drying → separate cutting → rounding and ridges → three sticking (sticking head cloth, gauze, book back paper)


Cover processing

Cover processing includes (UV glazing, embossing, glossy glue/matte glue, bronzing, glitter, silk screen printing, embossing, gold rim, etc.) → line pressing, die-cutting to form the cover.


Making of bookcases

There are two types of hardcover books: monolithic bookcases and component bookcases:

(1) Monolithic bookcase

Made of a complete cover material such as: linen, cloth, paper or plastic, leather and other fabrics. It includes three parts: front seal, back seal and back lining.

The production process of the monolithic bookcase is as follows: first, apply glue on the back of the selected fabric, cover the front and back sealing cardboard and the back lining, then wrap and fold the four sides of the fabric, flatten and dry.

(2) Ingredient book cover

It is made up of 3 pieces of fabrics, front seal, back seal and back lining.

The front and back seals are mostly made of cardboard or soft and thick paper. The cloth strips with many back linings are coated with glue, and then the card boards of the front and back seals are pasted on the cloth strips, and then the back lining is pasted and folded. The edge of the cloth strip on the back.


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