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Principles and advantages of cold stamping in book printing

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Cold stamping: It is not necessary to use the heated metal printing plate, but to transfer the metal foil by printing adhesive for book printing. The cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency. It is a new process with a promising future.

Hot stamping is an important method for surface decoration of plastic parts, and it is also a commonly used decoration process for household appliances and consumer electronic products. It is the heated hot stamping head, so that the metal or coating layer on the hot stamping film can be hot stamped to the surface of the processed work piece to achieve the purpose of decoration or marking. The four basic conditions of the hot stamping process: the hot stamping head includes a hot stamping template, a heater, and a pressure transmission mechanism. The hot stamping film determines the color, graphics and other decorative effects, and there is a film conveying and reeling device on the equipment. Hot stamping jigs (forms, pads) include worktables and conveyors. There are flat ironing and hot stamping methods. Flat ironing includes small arc curved surface, folded surface and inclined surface ironing. Its basic forms are "flat ironing" and "circular ironing"; piping ironing includes flat ironing, circumferential ironing and non-round surface ironing. Its basic There are also two forms: "Flat ironed round" and "Round ironed round".



Advantages: Compared with traditional hot stamping technology, cold stamping technology has very obvious advantages, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

(1) The cost of plate making is low. Cold stamping does not need to produce expensive metal stamping plates like hot stamping, and it also avoids environmental pollution caused by the process of stamping plates.

(2) The hot stamping precision is high. The resolution of cold hot stamping is relatively high (basically it can reach the printing resolution), whether it is hot stamping small dots and lines, or achieving a hollow effect, its expressive power is very good.

(3) The area of hot stamping pictures and texts is larger. Hot stamping is generally only used for hot stamping of graphics and texts with a small area such as trademarks and LOGOs, while cold foil has a larger width, even comparable to that of a printing machine, so it is more suitable for hot stamping of large-area graphics and texts.

(4) A wider range of applicable substrates. Cold stamping can realize the transfer of cold stamping foil by the action of adhesive and pressure at room temperature. There is no need to adjust and control the stamping temperature specially like hot stamping. It is not only suitable for stamping common substrates such as paper, cardboard (like book printing cover), Deformable thin film materials can also be applied.

(5) It is easier to realize hot stamping and then printing. In the process of first hot stamping, cold stamping has low difficulty, high efficiency and low scrap rate.

(6) In-line production can be realized, with faster speed and higher efficiency.


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