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Precautions for sticker printing in China

Time: 2022-03-14 Hits: 54

sticker printing

Sticker printing is a composite material in which adhesive is coated on the back of various materials, and silicon-coated protective paper is used as the backing paper, and professional China sticker printing can be used in various forms of fabrics, which can be Paper, film, or some special materials. So what should be paid attention to when printing sticker in China printing company?


1. Pay attention to whether the printed materials have burrs

To ensure the quality of China sticker printing with a good reputation, the raw material of the sticker must be clean and free of any damage. Therefore, in the printing process, it is necessary to carefully check whether there are burrs on the edges and whether the materials are damaged due to improper storage and transportation. In addition to visual inspection, the material should be rolled out 4-5 laps to carefully check the smoothness of the cutting edge. integrity and integrity.


2. Pay attention to whether there are cracks in the printed material

If there are cracks on the printing raw materials, it may cause the sticker printing failure, so carefully check whether there are cracks on the backing paper and the surface paper of the material to be printed. Moreover, the cracks may be continuous or randomly generated. At the same time, in the middle of the sticker printing, the ink and adhesive will gradually accumulate to the paper guide roller, which will also cause the cracks to appear, so you must pay attention.


3. Pay attention to whether the tightness of the material is consistent

If the slitting end face of the roll sticker printing material is uneven, it will not only affect the printing registration during the printing process, but also cause waste disposal difficulties due to the change of the die-cutting position; It will cause the change of the paper force during printing, and the uneven tension of the material will also cause printing quality problems, so you must pay attention to check whether the tightness of the material is consistent when printing.


The above three aspects are a few things that must be paid attention to when printing labels and other materials. Since the application of sticker is very extensive and it is extremely convenient to use, it is highly accepted by users, but a good printing effect must have a patient and careful printing process. Therefore, in the processing of sticker printing China, it must be noted that the raw materials are free of defects and that there are no cracks during printing.

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